How To Link Your Domain to Google Workspace

You might be asking yourself, how should I link my domain with Google Workspace? Today, people are using Gmail for all their email addresses and have the Google App installed on their devices. If this is you and you want to link your domain to Google Workspaces without actually having a Googler create an account under your name there, I’m here to help. Keep reading to find out how! I’ll be explaining the process to set up a Google Account for your email as well as linking that account to Googlers so you can have their real and verified email addresses linked with your domain without two steps of confirmation.

First, you will need an existing Google Account with at least 2 devices signed up before you can move on. If you don’t already have one, they make it really simple to do and in a few minutes, there’s no reason not to get one

Step One: Creating a Google Account

In order to connect your domain you will need a Google account that comes with a single email. This email needs to match with your domain. Incase you don’t already have one, create this account now and follow the steps below for linking your Domain to Google Workspace:

– Go to

– Create an email from the “From the address” drop down menu and select it

– Press “Next » until you are allowed to use that name for this account

– Name your Gmail Account as the username you’re going to use for these instructions

– Click Sign in button

– Enter the URL from your domain into the “Domain name” field (including www)

– Click on “Activate” button

– From the left sidebar, navigate down and update “Google Apps Domain settings” by clicking on it

– Check if any domains underneath is listed as disabled (red) or under quarantine (green)

– If it displays red, click on that option and then click Save changes button in their respective submenu screen – Click “Back” button to return these fields – Next click on the ONLY made-up domain name for Gmail (your name) and then hit the “Activate” button to create this account under – Go back to your Gmail Account Settings page, and make sure that your new Gmail Account shows up in the screen at this moment – NOTE: There might be a couple of delays here while creating the link between you Gmail Account and your new NNNames account.

Step Two: Your domain name

In the next step, you need to link your old domain name to a new domain for Google Workspace. It is not necessary that the name be an exact match; however, it does have to have the same point of origin/sender identifier. After finding out the hostname of your existing domain, go ahead and head over to the G Suite SignUp page .

Step Three: Enter your new domain

This is a free service; however, it requires you to enter information about yourself, including credit card details. If you would like to use the cheaper option of $0 annually billed, there are two options. The first requires you to submit your domain name and email address as they appear in the WHOISindex of your existing domain, where they’ll be transferred over to the new one. The second links a Google Name Server record with

Step Three: Start linking your domain to Google Workspace

This is the final step where you append “” after your domain name.

Success and Troubleshooting

To connect your domain to Google, you will need both a free-trial for G Suite and an SSL certificate. Both should have instructions on how to verify your site has been properly set up. The keys for validating the connection are in order for the HTTP request that comes from the user’s browser and it is all communicated with the usage of ports. If there is any issue with verification, you can simply use private browsing window and then it will automatically reset back to normal again when you end it.


You must take action on the domain setup to link it to Google. You should follow a few steps to make sure that you have everything set up correctly. If your website is not already listed in either search engine, you will need to fix that as well

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