How to Get To Know An Event Location Using Google Maps in Google Calendar?

If you’re an event or venue manager, or event planner, the importance of staying on top of the latest promotional materials doesn’t need explaining. To help ensure that your approach doesn’t go unnoticed by competitors around the country and keep informed of upcoming events in their areas, it can be helpful to constantly head-up Google Calendar listings from nearby venues. It’s cool, right?

Not so fast. Just because the event you’ve booked sounds good in isolation, don’t assume it was a snap decision — prepare carefully to ensure that such is the case. If a rural town in Georgia appears on local calendars Mondays and Sundays, but is unmentioned by competitors as far as Google Calendar listings go, an unsuspecting competitor could switch things up to capitalize on your own neglectful planning. As Ryan Thomas points out at Search Engine Journal, “Hard- to-receive information may be more important than local information.”Second, unplanned arrangements are another way to mentally floss while waking up in the morning: they make simple tasks like planning ahead and communicating with coworkers simpler. And life’s tough enough without battling a bunch of miscategorized blogs on Google Maps when coworkers need a copy in Word Conferring authority on your blogging skills is as important to content strategy as thoughts on SEO , but rarely do we give it much consideration. It also requires

What is Google Maps?

Google Map is a geo-spatial program that allows people to find places on Earth by using it or the phone’s GPS. It also allows users to plot driving routes, view maps in 3D and attend events located anywhere in the world. Google Calendar allows this information to be listed in one place so that it can be clearly organized in the future. Google news alerts are also available to alert people of new developments.

Beginner’s Guide : Here I want to discuss the basics of Google Maps when you open Google Maps, we can relax a little bit easier making all our way in the same settings and principles as a map how help us understand how this map works.

The Basics of Google Maps:

In order to display each setting below I have used default or the step that I have added myself. If you have only one on Google Maps interface is blue, red or green. If two, yellow and gray. If you have three settings, it will have a purple graphic instead of one of the others. First he fuses blue control bar will show darker and then turning on the switching between the drop-down menu icon. Location Selection: Use this icon to select a point in your street view (display), then with click on another can move freely in these streets line selected no more.Next shows more detail screen transfer

Steps to Know an Event Location:

Event planners may want to know what they need to bring, what type of event it is, and less likely, how to get there. Event locations can be represented on a map as a marker. Many events can also be found in Google Calendar if the event planner has signed up for Google Maps and Calendar Syncing. Facebook: A gathering of friends, family, and co-workers. Or, an event where people send “likes” from around the world. Facebook events are best suited for keeping track not only of venues where food may be served but also whether tickets are sold out for an event. Party Ideas were created after our clients expressed how important it was to invite others who didn’t necessarily live in their area to help organize the party celebration. We watched as Facebook became a hub of news and information, sharing advice and tips, plus offer great information about where you might have found the product or service that solves a need in your life. This is where Party Ideas was born and through Facebook we could encourage friends to join us as co-hosts of our event. Food ideas can be found on their site as well as links to various food, dining and even entertainment websites. More opportunities to share party ideas with your circle of close friends, colleagues and family are on the horizon in 2013.

Which features do I need to use in Google Calendar and Google Maps?

You can use Google Maps in Google Calendar to locate an event location quickly. You need to be able to enter their address, coordinate, or use their place name in order to initialize the location. true


Google has made it easy for people to know what event is happening where. This blog post offers some information about how you can set up your Google Calendar and plan ahead for an event. Share

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