How To Customize Google Reminders For Your Tasks

With google reminders, there are settings for the time of day you want to start, what number of reminders you need, and if you want a sound. These settings can be found by going to your reminders and then clicking on the gear on the top-right corner of your reminder. One thing I have noticed is that I set a reminder for one task with no time and not for another with a specific time – this makes it impossible for me to get both tasks done around the same time!

When you’re busy balancing school, work, and all of life’s other commitments, it can be hard to keep track of all your tasks.

What are Google Reminders and How to Customize Them

Google Calendar allows people to create events and reminders, but there are more specific types and features that you can use as well. These suggestions are noted with Google Reminders on your calendar.

Google Reminders are everyday reminders that can be programmed to send you time-sensitive alerts and updates throughout the day. There are about three different types of Google Reminders: Situations can be set up to remind someone a random time, as a reminder event like “Dinner,” or with a location-based reminder like “Shorts.”

Helpful Tips for Newbies

Some tips for newbies starting out include finding your Google Inbox, the “if this then that” app, and the chopping board icon on Gmail. Keeping these three favorite locations in mind makes it easier to add tasks. Another helpful tip for beginning time organizers is to save reminders by creating folders, arranging them alphabetically or by categories. Also, a better place to find recent reminders is under “tasks.”

In order to get the most out of Google’s Reminders, some newbies might want to know what they can do to customize their experience. This can really come in handy if you are committed and find your task reminders a little too simple. While there is no way for Google itself to make it’s reminder options more advanced, there are a few ways that you can create more features yourself. Firstly, using “date-specific” reminders like today, tomorrow, or next week will make life more manageable by giving you custom reminders up until that date. Secondly, with the “multiple entry” mode enabled you could each start an entry with different tasks so as not to crowd your calendar or have any task conflicts with other entries on the same day or even the same time period. You would simply archive those entries after finishing them.

Workflow and Process

Google Reminders is a workflow app which allows people to create actions to have scheduled reminders. Users can add up to 150 items with each item being moved into a work queue and checked on time. The user can open the app and authorize Google through the app so only they will be able to check off the tasks or approve them if another person has access.

Google Reminders has a lot of different settings that you can customize. I’ve created an easy template to create my reminders based on the steps in the Google Docs Workflow.

Who this is for

If you currently use tasks and reminders for your to-do list, most likely you have a set profile that includes due dates, alarms, and text. The third party Google Reminders app enables you to customize what appears on your tasks so they are tailored to your needs. For instance, if you create an event with one person in it multiple times throughout the day and want a reminder each time it’s scheduled, simple toggle one or all of the alarms off.

Google Reminders is a way for you to customize your tasks. It makes it easier for you to find items on your calendar and remember them by setting a time in the future for certain tasks. Some people may say that this feature is not helpful if you are an organized person, but whether or not this feature works for you depends on how disciplined you are.


Google Reminder has such a simple UI but it allows you to customize the reminder settings to create your own optimal way of enjoying the app. There are functions like setting up timers, interruption mode, specific triggers from the tasks you complete, and more to allow for a customized reminder experience. Plus, all the features are available on Google Chrome Web browser as well!

When a Google Reminder appears, it is important to quickly react. This can be done by saying yes or no, entering the start and end times of the task, or adding additional notes. Reminders can even be modified before they’ve been scheduled if something changes. To customize a reminder in Google Calendar, click on the notification if one already appears:

Google calendars are different from other apps because they combine multiple types of content into one platform

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