How To Configure Google Workspace For Andvanced Virutal Channels

If you’re just getting started with Google Workspace, you might wonder how to save your workspace settings to take them with you on vacation. The coolest part is that all it takes to access your personalized settings is a simple command in the Command Prompt menu! Let’s get started… Next, open the Command Prompt program (it’s in the Start menu) and type this command: “setx”. This will bring up a verb-noun selection in Windows Explorer – if you chose equal or equal window sizes and workspaces when installing Workspace, that is. Next, click on the Settings item to store your settings. You’ll then be able to pick your home space location; set keyboard settings; schedule a time that best suits you every day of

What is a Google workspace

What is it that makes Google Workspace so great? Its three-screen set up. Task, chat, and meetings. All from one screen in a cohesive interface. There are many their to make task and chat simpler for you: Chrome extensions, shortcuts, embedding sites like YouTube or Facebook with your Google space. This article will show you an example of how to configure your workspace for advanced virtual channels using the Chrome desktop browser as an example .

Using the Google Allo and YouTube extension you can broadcast a channel on all channels at once. In this example I will use the same with YouTube. Here’s how you create an example channel:

Click Tools > Extensions> Show in Chrome. Find Google Allo in the browser (Ctrl+F). Click Install. Right-Click on the icon to get more options. You will be able to configure moving icons, audio controls, maximize buttons, open all


As you can probably tell, Google has given its employees access to a number of tools that make their commute easier. These tools include the inbox, public folders, and customer support forum just to name a few. However, before you get started on setting these tools up it is recommended that you first configure your virtual workspace. Chapter 1: Configuring your virtual workspace.

Downloading location: Go to the following web address and download the offline toolbox, Google Toolbar, and Enter key combo box (Figure 1)

Configure the workspace

The Google account you will use to create the workspace should have at least 30 minutes of screen time logged in. Next, click on the drop down arrow beside Create space, and choose a name for it. Now click Create Space. Make sure that this space is set as your home space. Pick a colour for it and then search for the tile to change its colour. On the top right corner of the All Apps page, click on the Settings icon. Then, click User CP and then Add Space to get a Google account. Enter your workspace name from earlier, select your colour and click on Save. This can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

The next step is to create shortcuts on your desktop and your apps that have been allocated as workspaces. This is done by navigating either in search or using Windows key (enter) and typing

Introducing coworkers

In this blogspot, you will learn how to configure Google Workspace so that your coworkers can easily connect to it. You can also set up two advanced settings in order to increase speed and productivity of the collaboration space. These settings are not limited to Google Workspace; you can take advantage of these insights with the help of Google Drive on any other collaboration space.

1. Prerequisites

To integrate photo annotations feature in Google Docs or Google Slides, you need to meet a couple of prerequisites:

You will have to have Google Drive and Gmail account to follow this tutorial. For example, if you have logged in using your Gmail username and password process and signed-in with

Protecting your account

Google’s Enterprise Support Group provides ways to protect your Sites with different configurations and settings. First, ensure that you have a good password, and access is being limited on your Site from the allowed IP addresses. Second, Ensure that all employees of your company are registered as users on your account, so that they cannot perform risky activities and cause harm to your business or bring about large financial losses .

2) Encrypting Data via Options, then Cookies (Recommendation: Recommended as an extra step)

Log out of Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools / and other account-related tools once you finish downloading the data, then log in to make sure nothing is left logged by agents. If a manual request was made by “my employee” after usage has been recorded, it can still be successfully “unnoticed” by resubmitting a primary request


Conclusion: I recommend renaming your computer and personal locker names to your company name. Make sure you have cloud storage ready, even if it’s just 1 GB of space. If you don’t already have a Google account, create one now! Move to the groups tab in your Workspace settings to put yourself in the group of people who post on your team channel and make sure you select comments under proposal settings as “Enable Comments.” Do this even if you don’t care what your team does, because if you ever implement any Business Cloud features in your user interface in the future, that means you are going to have to test them on a variety of people with different login names. THANK YOU!!

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