How To Calculate the Difference Between Two Dates

If you’re making a deadline, or working on a project where you need to determine when two dates occurred in the past, Google Sheets can help make those calculations much simpler. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use Google Sheets to figure out exactly when these two dates happened. The first step is to come up with the dates you’re trying to determine by hand: December 21st, 1976 and January 1st, 1979. If you read this tutorial when it was originally published in 2014, find those two dates here. We’ll assume all numbers are entered in a row or column (with formats turned off because 1/1/2009 and 01/12/2009 were on different days of the week).

You can follow along in this YouTube video where I

What is the Difference Between Two Dates?

The difference between two dates is the amount of days that have passed between the two dates. For example, if you knew that 11/10/15 was a Monday and 11/20/15 was a Wednesday, then 11/10-11/20 would be nine days. To calculate the differences of two dates, use the following formula: X = (Y – Z) / 365.25, Where: X = the number of days between two dates Y = the day one dates than the other Z = number of days in a month

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How to Calculate a Difference Between Two Dates

A date is when two places occurred at the same time. For example, 2016-01-01 and 2016-02-01 are dates because they represent the same year. To calculate the difference between a date in one year and a date in another year, divide the number of days between them. 2014-06-13 would be five days from 2015-06-18 so five days divided by 365 equals 0.01727 which would mean the difference is one day and 17 hours 41 minutes and 27 seconds. Try this

One common method for comparing two dates is to calculate the quotient of the number of hours between them. 2015-06-18 would have been 12 hours 46 minutes and 21 seconds earlier than 2016-01-01, so 12/365 + 0.01727 = 18:30:29 – 30:00:35 = 16:19:43. The calculation is easier by simply dividing the difference in days between the two dates by 365. 08Days / 365

Date or Time Difference in Google Sheets

One of the easiest methods to calculate the difference between two dates is using Google Sheets. You can review the steps on how to calculate the difference between two dates in a spreadsheet below, or you can click here for a video tutorial created by Techphysics. true

Difference between date and time formats

There are times when you may need to convert a date or time of a specific date into another date or time format. For example, if you need to know the difference between two dates, but one is in the format of ‘yy-mm-dd’ and the other is in the format of ‘dd_mmm yy’, there is a simple solution. You can use ‘DateTime.ToString’. You pass the value that you want to convert a string into and it will automatically translate according to your specific requirements. If you would like use exactly the same format than what is being specified as MSDN, you may use the System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo class for formatting dates and times into a language specific housing only.

DateTime Without Month Properties in this example, we have a date that is missing both the day and month information

Examples of how to use a difference calculation

Calculating a difference between two dates can be difficult at times but it is even harder when you don’t have the dates to work from. There are a variety of methods that range from sliding scales, to chronological order, and weighing situations. Choose the method that works best for your situation.

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