How To Add Google Drive to Your Folders?

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What folders work with Google Drive?

The folders associated with Google Drive can be found here. Add a folder that matches your needs to the list of compatible folders. You will not be asked which type of file you want to upload if all of your files are represented in the document categories of Microsoft Office. Drive is only for personal use. You’re required to have a Business or Enterprise Active Directory domain with Microsoft Office 365/System Center Essentials installed and activated before using on-premises integrated social features such as Yammer, Twitter and Facebook. Once your account is set up you can invite users, share links and location information in the Drive desktop app or through Quick Edit or shared access options in Microsoft Outlook.

Prerequisites To Set Up User Login For Google Account On Windows 10

How do I enable Google Drive in my computer?

In order to add Google Drive to your folders, you must first open a file explorer and then look for the “Go” menu. You’ll find that in the lower left corner of the screen. There, click on “Open or unlock folder location.” Enter any one of the following and then try to navigate back:

Home Users/YourName/Documents

The folder will now open up inside Microsoft Word; all of your files will be accessible in Google Docs.

To save space on your computer, delete all un-needed documents instead of storing them in a different folder like most people do.

When you’re done, close Chrome if it is open and launch Microsoft Word again. The downloaded documents will be accessible there.

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How do I tell when I have uploaded a file to Google Drive

You will be notified on the upload screen when your file has been sent successfully. You may also receive a notification on your computer that the file has been uploaded to Google Drive. Do I have to pay the monthly fee to use Google Drive? Yes, everyone who uses Google Drive must pay a monthly fee. If you sign up for Google Apps (for Work) using your work email address and want to collaborate on more files with clients and colleagues, you might need a payment plan. Payment plans are available for packages starting at $5 USD per user per month.

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Steps for syncing and using local storage on iPhone

The iPhone uses it’s own file system that is independent of the cloud. That being said Syncing folders via Google Drive will require you to download several files onto your iPhone to successfully sync your documents and data. The steps below take users through the process of syncing a specific folder in their Google drive to their device. For other kinds of storage the steps are similar.

1) Launch this application from your homescreen and select ‘Start’ to begin syncing Google Drive folders. When prompted, enter your password for the account you have uploaded files to and continue.

2) Select the folder you wish to sync by either clicking “+” on the left pane or search for it. Once selected give it a few moments to upload all of the files inside it before proceeding with remaining steps listed below.


It is quite easy to add Google Drive to your folders. By clicking the “Drive” option on the left side of your Finder window, you will be able to integrate your Google Drive manner and apps with the Mac desktop. However, for Google Drive to work seamlessly in the folders that are already integrated with it, keep a separate Folder from your Inbox. These instructions can be used on both Macs and PCs , however, you will not be able to sync folders on your PC. However for Google Drive, to have the ability to access your email/calendars from anywhere, one should own a Gmail account.

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