How To Add Correct Regional Holidays In Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a helpful tool for any writer looking to represent different viewpoints or reach more diverse audiences. It’s also a way to better manage your time and organize any projects you have going on. For example, you can create a new event happen every year on Thanksgiving in Google Calendar–and add all the info (holidays from the city where you live) without having to set it up manually each year. In less than 30 seconds, here’s how: true

How to set regional holidays on Google Calendar

There is a new Google Calendar update that makes getting regional holidays on the calendar easier. Once you set your regional settings, it makes the holiday days red to make them easy to see. Now, all you need to do is enter the national holiday and click “subtract number of days from current date” to get the regional holiday. It’s as easy as that! …. 22/04/2015   Have you ever tried to add a national or regional holiday to your Calendar, but it didn t work? This is actually a very ‘hidden’ feature and many users miss it. You can add specific holidays in minutes using this easy manual method using Google Chrome. First of all, open the Google Calendar main page:

How To Close Holidays Ezeon

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Creating a new filing with events

Creating new filing with events may seem a bit difficult but it’s surprisingly easy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add regional holidays in Google Calendar.

Adding regions/days in a filing

Finding the Region dropdown menu found in the sidebar on the left-hand column –>

Selecting a region for which you wish to add specific days

Adding multiple holidays and description

Countries to set regional calendar and holidays

One way to set your country’s holidays in your Google Calendar is to go to the calendar and click on options. From there, scroll down and click on set my location. Next, find and choose the geographical location of where you want this data for your calendar. Set up two separate calendars for two different countries if so desired. The next step is to click on settings > other calendars > add other calendars.

I’ve found that it’s important to type in a full location (name, full address), city & airport code abroad, or town & zip code inside of U.S., as not all airports use their airport identifier outside their county/state/country. But it’s good to include a little detail like country name or capital city because it helps avoid confusion with nearby cities that have the same airport code or even region codes in other countries which may lead you in a completely different direction by accident. You also have the option of selecting whether holidays are on Monday – Saturday or Sunday – Saturday depending on what timezone your part of the world observes their weekend days based on timezone via option drop-down menu with Select holiday calendar > change weekday; finally save changes

For instance if you’re an American living abroad and you keep

Clearing customizations with 1 click

If you work on multiple Google calendars and have made any customizations to your “All Day” events, like renaming them or adding a different event emphasis color, these changes might get automatically synced to each Google calendar that has the package applied. This can lead to missing or wrong events and confused users. Instead of fixing all the customization one by one you can use this script from that will clear all customization in one quick click.

Customized country/region events you can add

1. Start by clicking SHIFT + CTRLL and select INTERNATIONAL DATE ORGANIZER


3. Click ADD SUBSET OF KEYWORDS and enter the country you want to add events for (e.g., “Australia”)

4. Press ADD to create a list of these keywords

5. Use CTRL + ARROWS next to the column name to move headings up/down or left/right

6. After you are done adding customized events in your country’s calendar, happily click OK


Google Expressly designed the app to be able to expand with new features and content by updating the app as they become available. In this case, they have begun expanding with future dates and events though 2018 as well as adding future holidays. All you need to do is to return back and see that there is some new content listed in the table of contents that was not there before and when clicked on, it shows you a list of those upcoming events so far.

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