How To Add A New Line Break To Google App Script

If you’re a web developer, chances are you’ve had to use Google App Script in the past. If you have, you know what Google does is actually very similar to most programming languages. You write some commands or statements that run on a single line, followed by one or more text strings or arrays. However, sometimes those multiline statements get unwieldy, so it’s helpful to break them up into their own individual lines – effectively adding a newline. Making it easier for other programmers and non-programmers alike to read also makes your code more user-friendly! But even not knowing about this syntax, the ability to add a newline works on the client side and the Google App Script platform.

You can use a newline in script code for two main reasons:

To create nicer output for users (for example: “Hello World”)

To separate separate commands, causing that section to run immediately after rather than delaying other scripts from running until after.

The following is a write sample, which we know will print out “Hello World” – here are just the start and end code lines with the lines that explain what they do broken out:

var myText = “Hello World”; //This runs after our command

/* The text coming OUT of

How to add a new line break to Google App Script

If you’re writing a Google App Script script and need to create a new line break, there’s a quick and easy way to do it. Here’s how:

1. In your script, use the linebreak function to create a new line break. For example:


2. Save your script.

3. Reload your page in your browser. You’ll now see the new line break.

Things an app script can use line breaks for

-To break up paragraphs

-To create new lines within a script

-To indicate a change of topic -For control statements, else/while statements-To start and break a new task/group of lines

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Why would I want to use line breaks in my code?

There are a few reasons line breaks might be useful in your Google App Script code. For example, you might want to add a break to separate two sentences on a page, or to format text for readability. Line breaks can also help the code look more uniform when it’s displayed onscreen. Generally speaking it’s best to avoid using line breaks in Google Sheets or apps unless you have a good reason to do so.

How do I get code to work on more than one page?. It can sometimes be useful for your script to operate independently of the browser’s current location. Learn how to use If statements, which can help control where your code is loaded when your app runs on mobile devices, desktop computers, tablets, or other browser-friendly web pages. Also consider a If “today” after “yesterday”, then run my code example—great for applications that need to run only once per day.

Boilerplate code snippet showing how to include the long way

/* This snippet demonstrates how to include a new line break in Google App Script. */

console.log(‘ Including a new line break’);

console.log(‘Enter your text here.’);

var txt = console.readLine();

if (txt != ‘ Including a new line break’) {

console.log(‘Including a new line break failed’);

} else {

console.log(txt); //prints “Enter your text here.”

Using the function that automatically adds a newline

Use the Google App Script function “newline” to add a newline when you need one. This function takes either an amount of time in milliseconds or an Android String as its parameter. var uuid = “BB5130CA-E0BA2211-7DCDC94B-B98F006C” var datepart=”DayOfWeek” var timebegin=new google.appsc.util.Date() var timeend=new google.appsc.util.Date() function update_time_of_day() { if(datepart==8) { // Today int hour = Math.floor(Math.#datepart%6)+0; int minute = Math.floor(Math.#datepart/6); if (hour>12) hour=0 numberasflashlight: for(i=2;i

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