How This Thesis Turned Me from a Procrastinator to a Productivity Nerd

If you’re struggling as a student and need a little motivation on what to do, here’s your solution. Use Chrome in your browser for the calendar

extension! With this, you’ll be able to schedule tasks like “Do homework” or “read all of philosophy texts assigned at the University of Toronto(UofT) from 2000-2015.” Gives you that much more incentive to stay up on your work. This is a great and useful Chrome extension that you should definitely install on your browser if you’re not using it. It gives you an easy to use calendar where you can add all the reminders of things that need to be completed for you which will motivate you as well. Gives motivation and extra strength to do what needs to be done. This truly is wonderful!

Get it: Get Google (opens in a new tab)

How to Use Google

Using Google can be a helpful tool and web browser. You can find information in seconds while surfing the internet. However, you should use their search bar wisely. Sometimes, people don’t type specific keywords and this takes time when searching for a subject. For example, typing “what is this ” won’t help find what you’re looking for like typing in “how to do that “. You should include the  “how-to” key words to get the full effect of your search. This also helps when people put too many keywords in one phrase. We’re not all experts on a specific subject, so don’t expect to find everything in one hit with Google, but it does help sometimes.

Healthy Ways for Kids Lunchboxes The school bag will increase the amount of energy and focus required from your child during the first few years of school. Don’t be lazy and bring

Introducing the Buff Cycle

The Buff Cycle is a time management technique that helps people get more done by establishing deadlines and commitments to various tasks. It works in these four steps:

1) Identify your top projects or most difficult tasks –a set of 3-5 tasks or projects

2) Set a realistic buffer for each task – create a time clock within that time she wants to allot for each project

3) Start working on a new project – take up a project from the List of Projects

4) Review one’s list of top projects – see if it is still on the list. The goal is finding new tasks that need to be done.

Integrating a Goal Tracker

The more I write and the more I improve my writing, the more I want to do everything possible in order to be able to improve my work. The thesis paper I wrote turned into an interactive document with multiple pages including all of the homework assignments and projects on this spread. This has forced me to keep more organized. I had a small, white binder with all the project sheets for each class and the homework, but the binder was nearly filled. So I got this memory-foam lined, hard back “Goal Setting 101” goal tracker and it has been so helpful. There is enough room for all my classes including TIPS 10 courses per semester, where I am now taking every other year (I am in community college still) as well as

Breaking Up Your Workday With Breaks and Slows

All of our working lives are becoming more fast-paced; however, this means our productivity is beginning to decrease. There are times in the day where it is difficult to get anything productive done if we don’t make time for breaks throughout the day. You might have noticed that you have less willpower when you’ve been tired for awhile. However, I suggest taking one “distraction break” towards the very end of your workday. If your ability to focus drifts away at the end of a busy day, take a break then and watch TV or go outside with a friend before going home. Take a little walk in the evening, drink some water (or one of my favorite beverages: AMAZING homemade Coconut Water), take a bath and stretch, put on your favorite positivity music (you’ll love this podcast) or meditate. Give your body some time to reflect on the wonder that you have accomplished, physically and mentally.Another way to catch up with your daily news feed can be helpful: Listen to an audio book in the morning while you commute to work. Check below for

Caring for Your Pipes with Screen Time

No one wants to keep their bathroom and kitchen sinks dry during the winter months, but cleaning them is necessary. Otherwise, your pipes might get clogged or broken. If you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, then you should be using screen time as a motivating tool for yourselves. Screen time accounts for 10 percent of all household water usage in America, so the less that people use it with good hygiene habits, the more environmentally friendly it becomes. #9 Fostering Hatred with Vaccines. Recent clampdowns on vaccine resales are stirring up some controversy as it is believed that they created a large rise in autism rates. This has prompted conspiracy theorists to question the safety of vaccines, while also accusing pharmaceutical companies of trying to sell money-making drugs to children. Instead, you should encourage your children to get a vaccine for their schools as soon as possible so that they don’t end up developing Alzheimer’s disease or other various medical

Conclusion and Thoughts from Others

I have to say, moving the day’s work into the evening really helped me. I don’t think I could have done it without the start and stop of school. It didn’t seem awkward at all, just a natural part of my day to work in accordance with how much sleep I was getting! The great thing about moving my deadlines back is that for study purposes, everything I had already done by

midnight became graded, whereas anything before then went down as unfinished. So this has been quite helpful. My day is so much less hectic than if I had just been studying all day or doing a few jobs after school, which is nice.

As far as concluding the job, it was pretty easy to remove myself completely from it and focus on these other subjects. The parts I felt were best practice in the job were really not really anything new from what I learned when learning research and statistic methods – but more importantly, I feel like you cannot learn everything

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