How Google Is Changing Email Communication For The Better

If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do is spend time on your email – after all, there are just so many emails that need to get done! However, it turns out that quite a few companies are turning their backs on typical email communication because of the time and effort involved. What’s more, this trend is only going to continue. In fact, Google have even gone as far as introducing AI-powered email communication which might be a good option for your company in the future. What can you do to prepare for this and make sure that your organisation is at the forefront of this change? Well, one good way to do so is by installing a CRM. According to Business 2 Community’s review of HUB International’s CRM software, it may just be what your company needs to stay ahead in today’s digital world. Want to learn more about why? Keep reading!

What is the Gmail Interface?

Gmail was first released in 2004 and has grown to be a popular communication platform for many people because of how easy it is to navigate. It doesn’t require additional software or plugins for those who are already using Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail. Its interface is similar to other email platforms, but it also contains an important feature that is not common with other technologies: the search bar.

Activating email notifications

Google’s latest Gmail update is a revolutionary one. It allows users to receive email notifications when they are mentioned in a conversation thread. If a user wants to be notified, they can simply reply to the conversation and the system will automatically send an email notification to the person who originally sent it. This is just one of many changes Google has made with their email software in recent years that contribute to making communication more efficient for its users.

Signing up for Google’s Muted List

Google’s muted list was created to combat the high amount of spam email that people receive every day. This list allows users to opt-in to a list that will only send important updates and emails when they are in a specific time or location. This feature is also helpful for people who want to keep up with work but don’t feel like being on their phone every minute of the day.

Keeping In Touch With Friends and Family

When we first started using email, it was a very personal way to communicate. But email has evolved over the years, and now many people use it as a way to manage their work schedule or start a casual conversation with friends and family. Google has found that some users are trying to use the service for more than they should be allowed. Because of this, they have created a new feature on Gmail called “Groups.” It gives users options on how much email they want to receive in order to stay organized without being overwhelmed by too much information. Groups also allows users to set up a group email address instead of just an individual inbox. This helps keep everything organized and work easier for everyone. It’s easy to set it up, too: just click the new “Add a Group” link in the bottom right hand corner of your Gmail inbox. You will be prompted to create a name and description for your group. After that, you can choose how many emails you would like to receive from the group by selecting from five

Sending Mass Emails to Lists

When you want to send an email to a large group of people, you might send it to an email list. This is a recent development that allows for mass contact for convenience. Sending emails to lists used to be very difficult as each recipient needed to individually confirm their email address or be added manually. Now, with the proper settings on your email account, emails can automatically get sent out to groups of people.


Google is changing the way we communicate. It’s creating new ways to send emails and text messages with features like smart reply, quick replies, and snooze. This has been great for people who lack the time to type a long-winded response or conversations that are too personal to have on paper. The company is also using machine learning technology to help us receive better responses over time.

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