How Do I Remove A Primary Domain From Google Workspace

Google Workspaces are meant to enable users to share some files with others while limiting access to other files. One of these types of restrictions come with a unique problem, though – if you want to remove the primary domain from Workspace, then there isn’t an easy method for doing so. In this article, find out how transferring your workspace can solve the problem and help get the your workspace set up in minutes! Would you like to learn about Google Play for Education? Check out the new Features page!

Added support for transferring a class or multiple classes in bulk. Learn more at:

In order to use this feature, your school admin should reach out to GSuite Account Support and generate an exclusive EPP code (id#0000007526) that must be utilized

Step 1

In the first step, remove your Primary Domain Name from Google My Business.

-Click on “Your Business”

-Click on “Business info”

-Click on “Organization name”  

-Click the “option to delete for organization name” button and enter your password to confirm.Step 2. After you have completed the preceding process, in the next step enter all information that relates to your company and, by virtue of its own information, Google will automatically prevent further messages on this page.-Click on “Add” sign-In the description field enter your business name-Select “Company Name “, “website, phone number, fax or any other information that can be entered into Google Business.Here it is not necessary to specify the TLD (domain extension),

Step 2

For example, if you want to remove from Google Workspace:

Click Tools > Authenticate.

In the Admin panel, click Settings > Manage domains.

Scroll to the domain you want to delete and click it.

Click Delete Domain at the bottom of this panel and follow the remaining prompts. true

Step 3

In the Create Directory page, click Save. Your Secondary domain is now available to select as your home directory. Step 4. In the Available domain dropdown menu, select the primary domain and click Change Domain. When you click Change Domain, New Relic creates a unique directory for the secondary server in each primary server’s data warehouse. You can inode that the secondary servers are working by checking the status of the Data collectors service on that host. Once installed, it is available under Server > System Info > Status of Services section:


Google is not letting me delete my primary domain. It appears to not be letting you delete your primary domain, so you can’t connect to a different one until your first one is deleted. If it just isn’t where I think it is, sorry for the misunderstanding. So this means that if I’ve created an app and have no domain, Google will show the error if I try to reinstall the app? This means that something must create an API key for me by default. Isn’t there a way to reach out and speak with someone? I still need to know ?

Delete Your Google Domain

If you want to delete your domain from Google Workspace, login to and click on the “Manage Domains” section. Now you should be able to see a list of domains that you can manage from this site. Click the “Delete Domain”

button and click “Confirm.” Your domain will be deleted and removed from Google Drive, Gmail, Analytics and Google Apps for Nonprofits (a free suite of office collaboration apps). Delete the Google Domain from your Google Apps for Work. To delete the domain name for your Google Apps for Work, login to and go to the “Admin” section under the “Google Apps” tab. Directly below this you should see a list of domains that are currently added to your Apps account, click on the domain you want to delete and then click “Delete.” You will need to accept agreement by clicking “Yes.” Make sure that you

Note: Successfully deleted the project.

It’s important to know that by deleting the project, all the associated data will be deleted. If there are other projects in your OneDrive account, you should upload these before deleting the Google Workspace. Are you an IT Administrator? Kindly send us feedback through our google group. true

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