Google’s Smart Canvas Bringing A Pagerless Interface To Docs

Google’s new Workshop interface is still in beta mode and there are a number of features that are not yet finished, but it is exciting to see how far they have come from the initial post on Medium. A few days before their February event, Google released an early version of their Workspace design for Docs in order for early testers to observe and provide feedback. The idea behind the design is to remove anything that gets in the way of inputting typographical data, but only as much as necessary.

Google’s Smart Canvas Bringing A Pagerless Interface To Docs

Google has introduced a new way to simplify content and collaboration by focusing on simpler text search and a new pagerless interface. By accomplishing these two goals, Google is able to make your work among documents more accessible and efficient. With Smart Canvas, end users are able to search for information within files without having to switch their browser tabs. They are also able to easily share what they find with others without needing another app. This new smart canvas feature works together with the new Smart Compose feature that enables users to easily search and create content. Note, Google “fishing” for your searches has been going on for months. Learn how to pay attention to this perpetual drone at 

History and Free Form Text Editing

Google’s smart canvas will make everyone’s lives easier by allowing users to edit documents using the gestures of the smartwatch. This is another example of how technology has become more useful and convenient for people in their daily lives. This is what we need more of, a cool and useful device that enhances peoples lives with simple inconveniences.

3) Back To The Future: This is the prediction that almost no one believes, but I still like it as a cool idea. It’s not my job to believe in the impossible, just to be the voice calling the future out from the shadows… If you’re ready for me, Mr. C-3PO will begin your training tomorrow at TTEC library at 11am


The Smart Canvas is a way for people to pick up their files online and lets them edit without having to use software that comes on the computer. They can colour code their documents, share them with co-workers and colleagues, or take PDFs and make copies of them with just one click. Sharing really makes the whole Wacom experience richer.

Logitech Options:

Wacom’s Cintiq has a number of other accessories to meet that artist’s needs. The stylus is more accurate than an ordinary pencil and there is an active eraser for erasing unwanted areas. There is also a curved pen with options to make shadows or water colours. The Active Pen 2 is for painting and drawing. Then there are two keyboards depending on users’ requirements: a basic

What’s Included?

The article “Google’s Smart Canvas Bringing A Pagerless Interface To Docs” introduces us to AirbagSlate, a new interface that is supposed to restore the problems of peer-to-peer collaboration by decreasing passive barriers. This consists in moving from pages of uninterrupted scribbles and ink blots that needs someone else’s help to a creative domain with full collaboration potential. Apparently, according to author Jacob Ro before they were implementing this system into the Google docs, there were two of three people who were needed for even simple tasks–with one person performing drafting functions at the computer while others drew with real paint or sketches. AirbagSlate allows collaborative edits to freely displace other settings, allowing for intricate input that would otherwise cause indecision with two or even more people looking over one anothers’ shoulder. The tool also features an ability to remove remarks or draw borders on a different instantiation of an invention. Their company installation is aimed at artists and writers as well, though they plan free background software as a whole. Our conversation returned to questions of creative attribution and performing ownership, in particular the feelings and expectations others


One of the latest updates Google announced was a new API that allows apps to have interactions with things in the virtual desk like OneDrive, docs, and emails. They call the API a ‘smart canvas’ and it is designed to be almost like if you were manipulating real objects. This could potentially lead to more interactive and aesthetically pleasing digital hubs in the years to come. News Sources: Google I/O 2016, What’s New In Android Nougat

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