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Now you won’t have to miss a thing, no matter how many conversations you’re in. For your chats in Spaces Chats, Google is introducing conversation summaries for messages. It includes relevant information about the messages so you can stay on top of everything.

However, there is one major exception to this use-case: in large spaces where there’s an overload of conversations happening in chats, these conversations can be difficult to keep up with unless you’re always checking your chats for new conversations.

You know the drill — you log in to your workspace, click over to your Spaces, and find out that there are just too many chats and conversations going on. You can’t even tell those who chat in your workspace to stop chatting. Conversation is the very reason the chats exist – that’s why they’re called “spaces”.

Google is taking an important step to help remedy the clutter in your Workspace Conversations. Starting soon, you’ll be able to see a summary of a message’s meaning at a glance in Chats, inside Spaces in Workspaces. This service will be available for selected Premium Workplaces.

We know messaging can be messy. To help, we’ve implemented a Conversation Summary at the top of your Workspace Spaces Chat that will summarize any unread messages in the Chats conversation. Click on the summary to jump straight to the actual conversation, even if it’s already visible and you’ve only read a few lines of it.

If you use Google Chat, Conversation Summary can be a helpful feature. If you often have conversations in Chats for your Spaces, taking advantage of this could pull those chats into summary form. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be available for regular Google Chat at this time — so the new Hangouts-esque one in Gmail that used to be called Voice or Videos is not supported. This only applies to Spaces and select Premium Workspaces that are still using the old version of Google Chat. If you’re looking for something like Meet, it’s not this option. Currently there’s no word on whether or not Workspace Chats will continue to exist past 6 months — but it doesn’t look promising.

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