Google Workspace: What You Need To Know

It’s likely that you’ve heard from a friend of a friend, who was given the task of writing an assignment for school, about Google Docs. It’s likely that their opinion that “man, Google got something going on!” is the consensus – and for good reason! The benefits of a Google workspace are numerous but the one caveat to consider is not having hardware available to use with it. But if you’re like me and have a laptop computer equipped with Google Drive already, then you won’t mind hitching your wagon to this incredible service! Many of you are just now facing the reality of using Google Docs. The transition can be a bit tricky, so here is a rundown on how to get started. Specific instructions for Word files, Powerpoint Presentations and Excel worksheets will come in an upcoming post (note: no HTML5 CSS5 markup!).

Click It On Goggle Drive

First off, start by clicking your Google Drive icon. The navigation for this site is the same as you would navigate

What is a Google Workspace?

A Google’s workspace is where you can browse articles and even read them without the internet. You’ll be able to watch movies, play games, or work on your own documents while using a telephone or tablet computer. There are two ways to access a Google workspace: through a public hotspot, or through an invite only friend network. A public hotspot allows anyone to use the workspace as long as they’re connected to wifi. An invite-only friend network requires that all participants in the workplace connect through their phone numbers and email accounts in order for other people to be able to access the venue when they aren’t there. Workspaces uses the simplest of networks and works best with 4G or a Wi-Fi router. Workspaces is cloud based technology. It’s available through the websites that host Google work spaces, including,, and more.

6 Benefits of the Google Workspace

Every once in a while, a new innovation is created that can change the way the world uses technology. This century has brought us a number of trends, including 3D printing and drones, that have changed the face of tech. Among these has been Google’s latest workspace creation: Google Drive. In 2014, Google Drive expanded to double app storage space on a device each month—and the figures continue to rise annually. Although this new multi-device trend has been popular in office settings, one question still remains: Can you run personal or business software on the same devices? The answer is yes if you have the right step-by-step instructions.

Google Workspace Benefits and Limitations

Google Drive benefits consist of increased storage capacity via larger file limits (for documents of up

How to set up a Google Workspace

Google workspaces must be set up if you are using them. If you are a Gmail user, Google automatically took care of some of these tasks for you. Otherwise, they will ask your IT team to complete the process.

Once your workspace is set up, files that reside in your home folder as shortcuts on your computer outside of your “My documents” folder will have teleportation capabilities. You can locate and open emails and documents that have been sent to you through private or public messaging systems outside of your “My emails” & “Documents.” These need not be connected to computers at the time, but they could be like email & iCloud files which can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Yes, it can be confusing. But if you have a trustworthy friend or partner who has remote access to your computer when you are having difficulty getting back into the territory of your death, ask them to forward these folders and their content over to wherever you ended up next time. You don’t have to unmount and re-mount your computer hard drives or run a system imaging tool like Crashplan which captures all of your files on pre-boot. The folders that contain work documents would be


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