Google Workspace update will block spillover between corporate and personal accounts

Google has announced a new update for Google Workspace(opens in new tab) aimed at protecting Google Chat(opens in new tab) data sharing between users’ professional and personal accounts on iOS.

Earlier this year the search giant announced a new admin setting that restricts data and content sharing between Workspace accounts and personal Google accounts in Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides on iOS(opens in new tab). Now though, the company is expanding this admin setting to include Google Chat.

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With data protection, users are only able to share or save content such as files, emails, chat messages or copied and pasted content within Google Workspace accounts. This protects users from accidentally or even intentionally sharing a Chat message with their personal Google accounts or saving data to their personal account.

Google Chat data protection

As Google’s applications on iOS support multi-user logins that allow users to access Gmail(opens in new tab), Google Drive(opens in new tab), Docs(opens in new tab), Sheets(opens in new tab), Chat(opens in new tab) and Slides(opens in new tab) with their personal and Workspace accounts, keeping these accounts separate is of the utmost importance from a security standpoint.

By giving admins the ability to control how data is shared across user accounts, organizations can help minimize accidental data sharing.

Together with Google’s copy and paste and drag and drop restrictions and its protection against data sharing between Google Workspace and personal Google accounts, these measures expand data protection coverage and help increase the security of corporate data(opens in new tab) on iOS.

While admins can visit the Help Center to learn more about controlling whether users can copy work data to personal apps(opens in new tab) on iOS devices, end users will be able to securely share enterprise Google Chat content once this feature is enabled by their organization.

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