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G Suite, the cloud-based productivity suite consisting of apps like Google Docs and Google Slides, was renamed Google Workspace(opens in new tab) as of October 2020. The platform has now been amended to include features like chat and video conferencing(opens in new tab) in view of the increasingly popular work-from-home culture of 2020. It is also a promise of more changes to be rolled out over the next few months.

To those not familiar with G Suite, it’s a set of cloud-based tools, notably including a word processor and spreadsheet manager, all designed for the singular purpose of helping employers (and their employees) increase productivity in the workplace. 

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Aside from the usual bells and whistles that have become a hallmark of the best office software(opens in new tab) suites like this one, it also comes with an extensive support system and a cloud-based working environment. While the tools that come with G Suite can be used offline if necessary, their primary purpose is to assist online workflows. 

So, how is Google Workspace different from G Suite? For now, it is being used as an umbrella term to refer to the erstwhile G Suite as well as the newly-integrated Google Meet. It features a new pricing structure and promises further changes to come down the road.

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Google Workspace is an all-in-one productivity platform that’s home to several applications. Here, we take a look at them one by one and discuss their various features.

A feature-rich email service wrapped in a sleek outfit, Gmail(opens in new tab) is a must-have communication tool for consumer and business users alike. Did you know that it’s used by 1.8 billion people worldwide as of 2020?

More than just an email service provider, Gmail makes clever use of algorithms and artificial intelligence on its platform. For example, the smart compose feature makes suggestions based on your writing style as you type, predicting what you’re about to write next and making the process of composing emails quicker. 

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