Google Workspace: It’s Not Just For Search

Google has many features that improve your day-to-day life. Many people have heard of Search, Maps, Display and Calendar. Have you heard of Google My Maps? It’s a map in your browser that shows flights, restaurants, hours and other nearby information – all based on what you google for. It’s a great feature that works well, but users often find the tool intimidating. Google My Maps are now seeing an evolution as they become more accessible.

Yesterday we recommended A simple Google Maps/Google Street View alternative for showing you places around you if you can’t or don’t want to use Maps and YouTube converter which even allows you to select videos from other sites and convert them for viewing on Google Chrome video service. In this guide we’re going to show how you can export your saved

The Benefits of Google Workspace

Thanks to the rise of technology and work becoming less structured, people are spending more time at work. We receive our information from different sources through social media, email, online news. With so many things happening in one ‘synced’ inbox or window it can be challenging for employees to stay focused and complete their tasks. Luckily many companies have invested in GoogleWorkspace which is an excellent way to organize different meetings and resources organised by personally customized folders that show up within your computer in one place. Google’s answer to a lot of the problems that come with personal notebook computer use is Google Workspace. In 2008, Google created the service for The Times and The Guardian after reading that personal notebooks are bad for productivity as one spends too long fiddling about clicking about to find materials needed in work.

The most powerful part of Google Workspace is it goes beyond just storing and organizing documents: you can use it like a personal wiki in which people can create their own tabs. At

How to Install the Google Sheets Add-In for Your Power BI Report

People are using their Google Sheets as an alternative to spreadsheets because it is easier to use and does a better job at performing calculations. Now, those who use Power BI can do the same with a few clicks of the mouse. The best part is how easy it is to add in the Google Sheets Add-In. A new report needs to open first, like any existing report or dashboard in the Power BI suite, then go on to the “Reports / Dashboards” section then left click on “Report = New Report”. Enter your name, department, or other related information and finally choose which report you want to open it onto from these options: Existing Report, Dashboard, Document. This will create a new link below and another one above your last link that will trigger upon when someone clicks on them. You can either leave that “circled link” the same (or change the text) or link them to any Information Rights Management screen you are using in your Power BI report. To edit this item, go to the Report Options list in Power BI and edit the information. By default, there’s no permissions on an Info Rights Management report but they can be set to allow when one of these conditions are met: allowing SharePoint content management sites. Sharing with non-technical teams. Users funded

What to Do with Your Google Sheet

Organization and collaboration are key to effective work. This is why this spreadsheet imports into Google Drive, which simplifies the process of collaborating with others on docs in one spot instead of a different spreadsheet for each individual. This also provides a means for teams to share and edit information. Learn how to edit, view, and print a Spreadsheet file. Best Practices for Using Google Sheets as an Enquiry Management System for B2B Control Systems (7), Mini- Course A well run project is driven by clear communication, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, efficient workflows and well managed information. Now complete your details so that we can assess your application more fully. We are able to provide our Bournemouth clients with friendly, reliable and trustworthy service at reasonable rates consistent with


Google has a service called Google Workspace that acts like a roommate for your computer at work. You can have up to 4 different desktop icons on your desk and each one can have their own virtual world or activity they follow while they are hard at work. You don’t even need the internet to use this program, as long as you have it on your home network

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