Google Workspace gets new ‘Frontline’ tier and tools to help manage your time

G Suite became Workspace and last month rolled out to education customers. A new “Workspace Frontline” tier is coming as Google lays out how it wants to help users adapt to the new hybrid working environment.

The new Google Workspace tier is meant to give frontline workers “access to the same collaboration and communication tools that keep knowledge workers informed and connected.” According to Google, this includes nurses, grocery store associates, and warehouse employees.

This will open up communication and collaboration channels between frontline workers and corporate teams in a way that’s safe and secure. Workspace Frontline is a custom solution that includes communication and collaboration apps like Gmail, Chat, Docs, Drive, and more, as well as business-grade support and security features like advanced endpoint management that help keep a company’s data secure

It will be available in the coming weeks. Another tier change sees Chat, Jamboard, and Calendar come to the entry-level Workspace Essentials offering.

Google today laid out how it wants Workspace to “help us achieve better work-life balance and make the best use of our time” in light of new hybrid schedules.

We’re especially interested in what we call collaboration equity, or the ability to contribute equally, regardless of whether you’re sitting in the same room as your colleagues or hemispheres apart

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Google Workspace gets new ‘Frontline’ tier and tools to help manage your time 2

Just last week, Google announced the ability to set split working hours, as well as recurring out-of-office events, in Calendar. Building on that is a new “Focus Time” event type to limit notifications during periods of concentration. “Time Insights” will show employees how much of their schedule is devoted to meetings and an average breakdown of how days are spent (Focus time, 1:1, 3 or more guests, OOO). These stats will only be available to individuals and not viewable by managers/employers. 

Lastly, new Workspace location indicators will soon let employees specify when they’re working at home or in the office, with this availability information surfaced throughout Gmail, Calendar, Chat, and Meet.

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