Google Workspace accounts can now use Assistant on Nest Hub [Update: Timeline]

Back in March, Google made Assistant generally available for all enterprise accounts on Android. Workspace users will soon be able to use Google Assistant on the Nest Hub Max and other dedicated devices.

Earlier this week, Google sent out an email to Workspace administrators that previously enrolled in the Assistant Beta. To continue Assistant access on Smart Displays and speakers for their managed end users as the capability widely launches, admins will have to enable the “Other Assistant-enabled devices” setting by July 28, 2021. Otherwise, Google warns:

If no action is taken on your side, your users will lose access to features on these devices starting July 29, 2021.

Access on mobile devices such as Phones, Chromebooks, Tablets was launched to general availability in February 2021. No action is required to maintain access to these devices.

Original 7/15: On phones, Assistant is meant to help you accomplish work tasks like joining an ongoing video meeting, seeing your schedule, creating events, and much more: 

  • Where’s my next meeting?
  • What’s my first meeting tomorrow?
  • Cancel my 1 p.m. meeting and email them to let them know it has been closed.
  • Reschedule my next meeting and tell them we’ll meet tomorrow.
  • Send an email to my next meeting and tell them I’m running late.
  • Call [contact name]
  • Send an SMS or email to [contact name]

Joining Meet calls on a camera-enabled Smart Display (Nest Hub Max) is the primary capability made possible by today’s expanded Google Assistant-Workspace availability. It comes as Google is working to add a second-screen “Companion Mode” to Meet that allows you to better participate in calls across multiple, if not dedicated, screens.

Your Google Workspace admin has to manually “enable Search and Assistant for these devices in order to ensure users can access Google Workspace data through Assistant.” It begins rolling out today and will be fully available in the coming weeks.

If Admins allow for the home devices, they can also specify if the device will require Voice Match or Face Match to authenticate. 

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