Google & Vault, Are They Really Partners?

With the recent launch of Google Vault it seems as though some Gmail users are returning back to the long-absent feature which has now been merged with Google’s email service. This article explores whether or not this is a good thing and what your opinion is. As the YouTube and Gmail product pages have been merged together in terms of functionality, people have been experimenting with this hybrid social network for awhile now. To those who are not familiar with the service, a lot of people tend to just view it as an extension for Gmail. Although Google is keeping it very much in the shadows for now, I’m sure in time we’ll see some big changes coming our way.

The fact that everyone has become familiar with Gmail already is surprising because live

Google Workspace

Google’s new office allows users to walk in, start working and leave with no hassle. The office has desks and chairs that are relatively standard for most workplaces. But the Google office includes many unique features, like bicycle parking and free high-speed Wi-Fi (to name a few) that make it stand out from the rest. Check Out These 10 office space projects: They’ll Make You Feel Good About Your Own Place Google released a photo tour of its new facility in Palo Alto. Because of who it is and what it has, some people will be walking in and feeling anxious to even use the space because they just can’t believe Google cares enough to create such an innovative office — but as soon as they start using the office they’ll realize why Google created it and that it’s not only nice but works brilliantly. Follow HuffPost Lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Layers in Google Business Planner

Business aggregator and organizer for business

Google is an aggregate to find phone numbers, email addresses, hours of operation and other contact information. It can also help users find relevant businesses near them. In their business plan, they’ve mapped out a five-year timeline that includes expansions into eight more countries which speaks to their goal of continuing success despite any new emerging entities. There are four layers in the Business Planner starting with the “Search” layer which searches through the universe of detail companies listed in the planner and provides positive outcomes from their search. Healthy, customer-oriented companies are set up to give a lot of benefits. They will not only improve your health but likewise your finances and earnings. To begin with, you need to find out what you already have. No matter where you are from or how large your family is there’s certain crops that work than others. Like, if you live in the south there may be some trees indigenous to the place that can help him prevent heart disease and get additional nutrition from his drinking water. In

How to Manage Privacy with Google Workspace

Managing your privacy is important to protect your personal information. There are a few features on Google that make it easy to manage your privacy settings. From the settings menu; you can access controls to prevent other people from accessing a file or folder, request instant deletion of data, which prevents Google from storing anything you submit, and postpone data so it won’t be deleted till a certain date and time. These are the settings that you have to select. For example, you can turn off sharing by selecting the “Not at all” option and turn off access by selecting the “Share only in a personal meeting” option. It is similar to limiting access on your computer. Stay informed with additional information shown online. The below screenshot shows such an indicator popularly used as a spy scare indicator; but rest assured; many people use it as probably a personal information seeking tool since their intentions may vary. Google


I felt like it was interesting that the article encouraged diversity in careers and tasks, even if you have a single special area of interest. Diversity among co-workers is important so that all skills can be used. And I also thought it was interesting to emphasize on how Google offers people many different options of how they want to work than just office jobs.

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