Google UK pokes fun at Super League with cheeky Gmail undo tweet

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On Sunday, the European Super League was announced by some of the largest soccer/football clubs in England, Italy, and Spain. A mere three days later, it’s on the verge of collapse after intense criticism. Google UK today sent a very cheeky tweet about the situation in the form of a tip about how to undo Super League-class messes messages in Gmail.

Google’s UK Twitter account doesn’t name the “six football teams” it thinks would benefit from knowing how to “Recall an email,” but it’s very clearly referring to those in the Premier League. Manchester City was the first to announce that it was withdrawing from The Super League on Tuesday, with Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur following, while Chelsea’s decision came today.

The Google Super League tweet includes a screenshot of the support page for Gmail’s Undo Send. Enabling this feature adds a 5-, 10-, 20-, or 30-second artificial delay after tapping the Send button. You can retract the email to edit or trash entirely during this period. That extra time is only available on web Gmail, though the Android app does offer a quick, momentary shortcut.


It’s a solid joke, though the tweet unfortunately only has 67 retweets and 245 likes after 15 hours. This @GoogleUK account has over 190,000 followers, compared to @Google’s 22.9 million. The company’s social media accounts have never really been cheeky with their tone/brand image – despite their historic love for April Fools’ — but this was a rather good and topical first outing. 

Super League Google Gmail
Super League Google Gmail

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