Google Tasks integration in Gmail gets more prominent with toolbar shortcut

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Gmail’s big Material Theme redesign in 2018 was accompanied by the relaunch of Google Tasks. The integration between the two services is now more prominent with an “Add to tasks” toolbar shortcut.

Google lets you link an email directly to a task for quick access and context. This can be done by dragging the message to the Gmail sidebar from the inbox view, or opening it and navigating to the toolbar overflow menu.

A tweak to the latter workflow sees “Add to tasks” become its own icon in between “Snooze” and “Move to.” The action is identical, with the sidebar opening and a new task created. The name takes after the subject line, and you can click on the email chip to have it open in Gmail.

This elevation of “Add to tasks” in the Gmail toolbar beats the previous location of a long menu with several other actions — where it’s still located on Android. The circular icon is a checkmark with a “plus” sign in the bottom-right corner.

The change is not yet widely rolled out on the web, but appearing for both personal Google and G Suite accounts.

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