Google switches all users to Gmail’s redesigned compose window with full-screen mode

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Google announced today that it is starting to roll out the redesigned Gmail compose experience that it first introduced us to back in October of last year. The feature, which makes the compose window a small, chat-like pop up window within the Gmail inbox, allows users to easier multitask while composing messages and compose multiple messages at once. It started off as a preview, and Google eventually made it the default option for everyone back in March.  However, up until now Google allowed users to opt-out and switch back to the old full-screen compose mode. Over the next few days that won’t any longer be an option.

Google made a point of noting that you can make the new compose window “full-screen” and set that as the default if you prefer an experience more like the old compose window

If you prefer a full-screen compose experience, you can click on the expand button in the top right of the new compose window to switch to full-screen and then set it as the default by selecting Default to full-screen in the more options menu in the bottom right.

Google has received a bit of backlash from some users that don’t particularly enjoy the new compose window, but it appears it’s received enough good feedback from the recently announced full-screen mode to remove the old compose mode entirely.

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