Google Spreadsheets Made Easy: New Features

After three years of updates, Google updated Google Spreadsheets to add even more helpful features. With many different sheets and options, there is never a question about anything when you are creating a spreadsheet with the benefit of an assistant. In this short article, we will cover Spreadsheets’ new features along with their comparison to Excel! New additions to the spreadsheet app on Google Drive

Talking Numbers — Besides being nice to walk out of work with, this feature adds professional charts and graphs (like scatter plots). Check out the step-by-step video tutorial. *Note, full Mac versions are still in the process of being rolled out. There have been reports of them appearing today at some Mac links here. Android users must use a web browser* Word Cloud — It used to require its own separate app,


Google Spreadsheets is an open source spreadsheet application. This means that it doesn’t require a purchase or software to use, but the cost could be in your time- and effort- invested. That said, you can build spreadsheets for a number of purposes, like creating presentations, gathering data from surveys, or planning budgets. Google has released a number of improvements to the software in recent months. They have added predictive search, styled text input areas with icons and more tools to make collaboration easier. A few months ago, they introduced CSV Import, where you can upload Excel or DBX files into a spreadsheet. As for editing spreadsheets in Google Spreadsheets, there are two ways to go about it: by manually adding and modifying data, or through customization panels. You can give your spreadsheet different appearance with ease using the sidebar menus.

When Google Spreadsheets was being used by non-technical users of all ages, this editor was generally too tricky for many to use effectively (without impacting

Setting up the spreadsheet

Although Google Sheets has a ton of features, creating your own spreadsheet can be intimidating. So let’s go through the process of setting up and formatting a simple spreadsheet for use. Create a new Google Account. Once we have successfully created an account, it’s time to start creating our spreadsheet. This can be accomplished by following these steps: Go to and create an account if one isn’t already created

Click Sign in to your Gmail inbox , enter your email address and password . If needed you may be asked for the password of your primary email account (like the one used to verify recently from Twitter) or you may

Basic functions

Companies that use spreadsheets to manage budgets, forecast business development, track transactions and inventory are always looking for new ways to simplify their processes. Google’s latest update takes this into account. After installing this update you’ll see the options for resizing and zooming in spreadsheets, as well as a new option called “Running Totals”. Rather than simply taking your running totals of each column and summing them together to calculate YTD or 1YTD pages that display how you stand against yesterday’s entry.

You can view past figures for AY and YTD through a graph-type chart, view things over the same period (1y or 2y)

Common Google Sheet Queries

Google Spreadsheets has always been known to be the best tool for data storage that allows you to import and export. It even makes it easier to share data with your collaborators, the most popular tool is Google Sheets and Google Docs.

Themes and Apps

Themes Let you set up Google Spreadsheets so that one or many people can view and make changes to the same spreadsheet at the same time at different locations. The difference between them is each theme will have a date range associated with it, which explains why Google picked today’s date as the default theme. Apps makes it easier to add items, input data, and really manage your spreadsheet in new and efficient ways.

Google Spreadsheets made easy are a world of their own and this is something that many people would attest to. Google spreadsheet has all you need when it comes to internet based exercises meant to manage information in bulk dimensions in an efficient manner. The very idea of controlling data entry and availability can drastically change the way work gets done simply by adventuring into Pivot Tables which comprise a specific area of the spreadsheet tool.


Google Spreadsheets was recently updated with new features. One of the many new features is the ability to make customized queries such as team sizes, height, and education levels within an organization. Another feature made available that is helpful for people who are starting businesses says users can now see data from outside organizations so they know what is required. Additionally, Print screen shortcuts were created in order to save time when trying to come up with ideas for projects

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