Google Pay adds Gmail importing for automatically adding tickets, loyalty cards from your inbox

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Back in February, it was spotted that Google was testing out a new feature for Google Pay which would import data from Gmail automatically. Now, it appears that the feature is starting to show up for more users.

In what appears to be a server-side update, Google is rolling out a new setting for Pay users. In Google Pay for Android, this setting enables users to have relevant data from Gmail automatically show up in the Google Pay app such as loyalty cards, movie tickets, airline boarding passes, and more.

It’s unclear exactly when this rollout kicked off, but we’ve been able to confirm it with multiple tipsters as well as one of our own devices. The setting is disabled by default, but opening Google Pay and heading to Settings > General > Gmail Imports should enable it to be toggled on. From what we can tell, you do need Google Pay v2.86 or higher to see this toggle.

Once enabled, Google Pay will look at your Gmail account to pull over whatever data it can. For me, the setting immediately pulled my American Airlines Advantage miles, a Reward Certificate from Best Buy, and some Yes2You Rewards points from Kohls.

Each “pass” also notes that deleting the email from your Gmail account will also remove it from Google Pay.

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Get easy access to loyalty cards, tickets, and more

Google Pay can help you find things like coupons and boarding passes sent to your inbox. You won’t get more offers, it will just be easier to use them. You can always change this later.

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