Google Meetup: What It Is and How To Start One

As a marketer today, your target is multiple audiences and it’s constantly changing. Google recently introduced Meetups as a new way for marketers to reach their audiences in highly-efficient ways that are relevant to them on Google channels like Editions, Inbox By Gmail, Search, Youtube and Analytics – but how do you create one? Join us as we will take a look at how to create meetup groups in Google.

The purpose of this webinar is to bring you more knowledge and experience to aid you in the creation of your own meetup group. We’ll be focusing on how to build an email list, engage with attendees and gain traction for presentations through Google products.

What is the Google Meetup?

The Google Meetup is both a physical and virtual event. Everyone can download the Google Plus app on their smartphone that will tell you when there are upcoming meetups near you. Your first step is to search for a local meetup near you by location. After that, click on Connect. You will then be directed to an application process which includes submitting your personal profile, basic information, and attending our sponsored events in the future. You should use this as a stepping stone and connect with people within your community or other organizations in regards of starting a Google Meetup. Q: What is the Google Location for hosting such events and how can I be a part of it?. A: There are two available options when it comes to meeting up around you an sharing technology resources. First, you can go through sponsored Meetups that may include regional forums with shared interests. Then, in your personal Google Plus feed, you can connect with people who share your same world view to meet for an event at your location. These are useful because they often include activities related

Benefits of a Meetup

Meetups are a great way to increase knowledge and understanding. They provide something for everyone no matter what their interests are. There is a wide variety of benefits that have been listed by the U.S. Association for State and Local History, including field trips that can encourage people to explore new places, space for participants to share their history and walk around exhibits, support from other historical enthusiasts in your area, opportunities for group assistance or loans from museums, access to books or museum objects to borrow and a sense of communal support.

Potential Biteshits: You or one you’re interested in already knows just about everything there is to know about your local communities, there are no new opportunities for history along these lines that you haven’t identified yourself, might be an awkward situation if the person in question did not come dressed in at least one history-related item and often people who wear sneakers are probably not very excited to learn about history.

Why Not

How to Start an Event on the google platform

Google offers a great online platform where attendees can create events and register. There are many opportunities for users to build up their own personal event. For example, New York City has a lot of business called The Business Design Circle, which has around four thousand people attending each month. One of their recent Meetups in NYC was on “How to Find the Right Type of Client,” about which there were two topics submitted for that night.

How to PROMOTE your event

Promoting your event doesn’t have to be hard. Every social media platform has a promotional feature that allows you to send the word out to your friends and followers. You can also take advantage of Reddit, Tumblr, Google+, and other forums to promote your events. Don’t be afraid to mention it on your blog. Enter giveaways for people eagerly waiting for their prize in right up front.

The Metrics of Success of a Google Meetup Event

Blog title implies that Google developed this series of meeting events through the blogosphere. One of the most salient features to a meetup is that individuals can post their discussions in real time. However, this is not the only feature available for discussion. Through YouTube or other social media, members and organizers can post videoing or sharing clips from on their phone to serve as narratives in the debate. Other highlights are industry standard video conferencing systems, shared resources, and collaborative dialogue among members.


The Goal of a Google Meetup Event

Each Google Meetup event will have a specific agenda. The goals of the agenda are to share work, foster the development of ideas, recruit new members, and connect groups. Some possible events include professional networking opportunities in a different industry or potential cultural icons. Each attendee would take a turn introducing themselves, what they do, and how they made contact with the other attendees

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