Google Meetup: An Exhilarating Event To Break The Ice

A great way to have a little fun on your work days would be to organize a meetup with other people in your office. However, one of the most common problems that people actually have when hosting these events is communicating and making friends! As it turns out, the solution to this problem might be…… TEXTING!!!

Yup, there’s research to back this up. People actually complain the most about how difficult text messaging is, when compared to other things like IM or chatting.

The good news about texting people though is that once you get to know them, (or think you know them) they become considerably more approachable! So if you’ve gotten to know them a little at least {hopefully} you don’t fear it as much!

The Purpose of google meetup

Google Meetup is a new event that provides an opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to meet with Google’s in-person sales, marketing and customer service teams at a single event. This approach allows attendees to minimize their costs and maximize their findings to help jumpstart their business relationships

How Google Did It

Google did it by inviting people in the pool what their thoughts and feelings on work. This set up a network of connections with individuals and groups who never would have met otherwise. It helps that Google had 1.5 million employees, who were lined up from every corner of the world to submit ideas based on their own personal experiences.

You need these people who’ve done that in a very public forum and it serves as a great leaderboard for the whole team to show everyone where they stand.

This whole process even offers a degree of protection from retaliation from individuals within the company, since everything is openly “shared cognition.”

Kicking Off Your Meetup Event

As a potential friend, meeting other people in person for for the first time can be intimidating. To ease your anxiety and break the ice with others, try attending a meetup event! This is an exciting way to get out and socialize with people you wouldn’t ordinarily come in contact with. They occur multiple times per day in most urban areas around the world, including The Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Downtown Toronto. If you are interested in joining one of these events, Google has posted free tickets available on their website for those who RSVP soon.

Choosing a Topic for Your Meetup

When you host a Google Meetup, it is important to think about what type of event it will be. For example, if you’re thinking about hosting an exotic pet meet up, ensure that the animals there are safe and don’t have any obvious risk factors. For the more mundane activities like playing Scrabble or watching movies at home, pick a topic based on user needs and interests. Choose games that are accessible and easy to set up. Make sure the room(s) you accommodate the gaming in were sound proofed beforehand using materials like sound-absorbing foam tiles. Make sure to ask around beforehand because otherwise people may not show up!


The mechanics and I met with two Georgia Tech students, their friend, and the professor. We went over our questions about Google Meetup and getting a group together. Our group of five was anxiously awaiting. However, during the short pause after we finished our presentations, I saw an article from last year’s meetup on my phone. On the cover of the article there was an interview with a UCLA student who discussed his experience in the program. I scrolled down to find that he claimed he was oblivious to everything going on around him while under hypnosis (black and white pictures are shown). He said he felt catatonic in his own body so that nobody could grab him; however, what nobody knew is that somebody kidnaps him later in the night to rob him and he goes into cardiac arrest only when his captors are taking a selfie with him. Just thinking about this story sent shivers up my spine!

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