How to use Google Meet Companion Mode

Google Meet is easily one of the most versatile teleconferencing apps and pieces of software out there. All those nifty integrations with other Google platforms also make it highly accessible. This, combined with a straightforward setup and usage process, make it the top video calling solution for many individuals. If you’d like to attend a Meet call with your phone and desktop or any two devices at the same time, try using Companion Mode. Unfamiliar with this feature? Let’s walk you through how you can use Google Meet Companion Mode.

How to use Google Meet Companion Mode

There are two ways to join Companion Mode on Google Meet on desktop. You can either follow the first step and visit or take the longer route as mentioned below.

1. Go to on desktop

image 57
How to use Google Meet Companion Mode 5

2. Alternatively, go to on desktop.

3. Click on the meeting you want to join.

image 58
How to use Google Meet Companion Mode 6

4. Click on use companion mode

image 59
How to use Google Meet Companion Mode 7

5. Click on the icon made of shapes to access Activities.

image 60
How to use Google Meet Companion Mode 8

As you can see in that last image, non-Google Workspace account holders get access to limited Companion Mode features on Google Meet. Options like closed captions, sharing your screen, Casting the Meet calls, and chatting with those on call are available. However, you won’t get anything beyond the Whiteboarding under Activities.

Google Workspace accounts can use plenty of tools in addition to everything that a basic user gets. If you’re on a premium Workspace plan, you can find features like polls, Q&As, breakout rooms, and on-demand call recording under the Activities section.

More about Google Meet

Aside from Companion Mode, there’s a lot more that can be done on Google Meet. This free video calling tool is built in to gmail  Calendar, and even google docs  It sure seems like they really thought about everything, doesn’t it?!

Whether you’re on your Android phone, computer, or trusty chrome book there are loads of tools to take advantage of inside Meet. Starting from the virtual green room that allows you to double-check all your hardware before jumping on a call, to the visual enhancements offered to alter your background. Explore all of the great possibilities by checking out the top ten google meet tips and tricks you need to know

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