Google Meet centralizes host controls, will auto remove you from empty calls

Following last week’s preview of what new Meet features are coming soon, Google today introduced two usability tweaks. Google Meet can automatically exit a call when nobody else is around, while host management controls are getting centralized.

Host (and co-host) controls will soon be consolidated into the bottom-right corner (shield with lock icon) of the Google Meet web interface instead of being found in multiple locations. It makes for a longer but more centralized settings list:

We hope this change makes it easier to manage your meeting settings by reducing the need to switch between various menus.

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Google Meet centralizes host controls, will auto remove you from empty calls 2

Meanwhile, Google Meet is getting a “Leave empty calls” preference that “Removes you from a call after a few minutes if no one else joins.” The initial prompt features a countdown, with Google wanting to “help prevent situations where your audio or video is unintentionally shared.” This is especially useful if you’ve muted audio on your device and have left the Meet tab open in the background.

Now, when you’re the only person in a meeting for five minutes, you’ll receive a prompt asking whether you want to stay or leave the meeting. If you don’t respond after two minutes, you will automatically leave the meeting. 

This feature will be enabled by default, but can be turned off under Settings > General. It’s rolling out to the Meet desktop and iOS clients in the coming weeks, with Android following “soon.”

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