Google Meet now warns when your device is causing an echo

The occasional echo on video calls is unavoidable, and Google Meet already works to “intelligently” control audio to remove it. Google will now notify you when you’re causing the echo and provide tips on how to stop it.

Echoes “happen when your system feeds back audio into a call.” When a “notable” one occurs, Google Meet will notify you via a red badge on the options button and text notification. Tapping opens the Troubleshooting & help pane to “Audio & video devices.” 

Most of the time, Meet will intelligently control the audio to remove the echo. However, sometimes it still happens, and causes others to hear an echo from your device when they speak. Until now, it has been difficult for you to know when your device is causing an echo.

In red to draw your attention, Google provides a brief explanation and offers recommendations like using headphones, lowering your speaker volume, and muting when you’re not the one speaking.  

Google Meet echo
Google Meet echo

This feature is enabled by default and will begin rolling out today and be fully available over the coming weeks: 

Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers 

More about Google Meet:

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