How to use Google Keep Notes with Google Assistant

It’s felt like we’ve waited for years, but Google Assistant users can finally make notes using Google Keep from their phones, a speaker, or other devices. However, the functionality isn’t enabled by default. Here’s how to connect Google Keep Notes to Google Assistant.

How to connect Google Assistant to Keep Notes

  • Open Assistant settings
  • Find “Notes & Lists”
  • Set Google Keep as your default notes service

Note: This integration started rolling out on December 6th and may take time to hit all devices.

Open Google Assistant settings

First and foremost for this long-awaited functionality, we’ll have to dive into the labyrinth that is Google Assistant’s settings menu. To access the Assistant settings, you’ll want to open the Google app on your phone and tap More at the bottom of the screen. From there, tap Settings and then Google Assistant.

Set Google Keep as your default notes service

Next, locate the Services tab and finally, Notes & Lists.

Under the Notes & Lists section, Google will provide you with a handful of providers for syncing your notes. This includes, AnyList, Bring, but most importantly, Google Keep. Simply tap on the Google Keep section to set it as your default notes provider.

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