Google Keep reaches 1 billion downloads on the Play Store

Google Keep has now reached the impressive 1 billion download milestone over on the Google Play Store, making it far and away the #1 checklist and note-taking app on Android.

While Google has Docs for desktop publishing and office-related note-taking, Google Keep is a solid app to download if you just want to jot things down, create a grocery checklist, or just note something quickly. It’s handy as — like all Google’s apps — everything is backed-up and synced across the web. This means that you simply log in with your Google account and have access across all of your devices.

As someone who abuses the checklist feature with family members for shopping lists and more, it may not be feature-packed but it just does the job — and does it well. For Google Keep to hit 1 billion downloads is impressive regardless, although it is sometimes pre-installed on certain Android devices (via android).

The app actually only hit the 500 million mark late last year, so to double the install base in just under 24 months is pretty impressive. Maybe global lockdowns and the shift to a working-from-home model has meant that people are keeping track of their daily workload using Keep? The Google Keep app is constantly among the top 50 on the Google Play Store “Productivity” section, so the download figure was bound to bulge over time.

So with that 1 billion download milestone surpassed, it’s onward and upwards for Google Keep in 2021, but without a dedicated Chrome app, it looks like it can’t balloon forever.

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