Google Keep (Finally) Comes to iOS

More than two years after the debut of Google Keep for Android—Google’s note-taking app—the search giant has finally, and we mean finally launched a companion app for iOS.

“Forget fumbling with sticky notes or trying to recall that last item on your to-do list. When you’re trying to capture a moment or remember a task, Google Keep can help. And starting today, the things you love about Keep on the web and Android are now available on iOS,” Google said in a blog post.

If you haven’t tried Keep, the note-taking app allows you to search through your notes to quickly find things you previously wanted to remind yourself to do. You can also organize your notes by color or type (if they’re images, text, or audio notes), and you can even add labels to notes to better categorize just what, exactly, you’re writing down. If you share your notes with others, then multiple people can collaborate on a single item in real-time—like deleting items from a grocery list, for example.

Better yet, you can set reminders for your notes by time or by location, if you’re driving by the store and need a physical reminder to check your smartphone and pick something up.

Google Keep’s feature list, as found on its App Store description, includes the following:

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