Google Jamboard

The Microsoft Surface Hub has a new and sleek competitor.

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Google Jamboard 10

The Google Jamboard

The Jamboard is a multimedia collaboration kiosk designed for business.

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Google Jamboard 11

Google Jamboard’s Whiteboard

The Jamboard’s whiteboard feature lets users draw, add sticky notes, and even view Google Drive files.

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Google Jamboard 12

Google Jamboard Pulls from the Web

Users can pull in web content and image files to mark up and review.

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Google Jamboard 13

Google Jamboard Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can be added to the whiteboard to leave notes for colleagues who weren’t able to attend the “Jam” or “Jam Session.”

image 18
Google Jamboard 14

Google Jamboard Navigation

The control panel allows you to add new collaborators or start/join a Google Hangouts video call.

image 19
Google Jamboard 15

Google Jamboard Images

You can easily pull images onto the Jamboard via a limited Google Image repository.

image 20
Google Jamboard 16

Google Jamboard Selfie Cam

The Jamboard’s camera allows users to take selfies for quick show-and-tell.

Google Jamboard Accessories

The Jamboard comes with two passive styluses and one eraser, or you can just use your finger.

image 21
Google Jamboard 17

Google Jamboard Side View

The Jamboard includes the following ports and connectors: HDMI 2.0, USB Type C, USB 3.0, a Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format audio connector, and an Ethernet input.

image 22
Google Jamboard 18

Google Jamboard Rear View

The Jamboard can be wall-mounted or purchased with an accompanying floor stand.

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