Google Forms Not Working? Here Is A Complete Fix

When you create a google form, it’s supposed to make your job easier. And in theory, that sounds great. But when a form isn’t working right away, frustration can set in quickly and before too long, the whole thing can become more difficult than it was supposed to be. Try out these tips for better results!


If you are having trouble using Google Forms, there is a fix for you. Follow these simple steps to get your forms working again. 1. Clear … – See more at:

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Why Google Forms Stopped Working

If you’re experiencing trouble with your Google Forms submissions, there’s a solution. Follow these simple steps and your forms are sure to be up and running in no time!

1. Make sure your forms are setup correctly

Your first step is making sure that your forms are setup correctly. If you’re using Google Forms for an official project, make sure that all of the fields are filled out correctly and that all of the forms have the same name (for instance, if you have two forms called “Registration Form” and “Questionnaire Form,” make sure that they both have the same name). If you’re using Google Forms for personal use, just make sure that each form has a unique name. You can also try renaming the file if you still experience problems submitting your forms.

2. Reload your Google Forms page

If you’re still having issues submitting your form, reloading your Google Forms page may help. To reload your form, click on “Forms” on the top right corner of your screen and select “Google Forms.” Then, select the form you want to reload and hit “Reload.” Alternatively, you can also hit “refresh” on most smartphones (although this

Untangling Problem with Form Data

If you’re having trouble getting your Google Forms to work, there may be something simple you can do to fix the issue. Here’s how to untangle a problem with form data that seems to be preventing things from working as intended. Note: Before we start, if you haven’t signed up for Google Group yet so you can share your work and get tips on how to do more with your form data, then head over to the link to our signup page at there will be an extra step.

What you should try before investigating instructions below. If it was working for a short period of time… 1. Uninstall update & reinstall the newest version 2. Then reboot computer (ensure local user

Converting Form Data to Spreadsheet Data

If you’re experiencing issues with Google Forms not working, it may be because your data is in a different format than what GoogleForms expects. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to easily convert your form data to spreadsheet data so that everything works correctly.

Suggestions on Where to Get Help

Google Forms are a great way to collect data from your audience, but they can occasionally be difficult to use. Here are some suggestions on where to get help if Google Forms aren’t working:

-If you’re using Google Forms on a website, make sure the form is hosted on the same domain as the website.

-If you’re using Google Forms in Gmail, make sure your email settings are set up correctly.

-If you’re using Google Forms in a mobile app, make sure you’ve enabled push notifications for forms.

-If you’re using Google Forms on a different platform (like an iPhone or Android app), make sure you have the latest version of the Google Forms app installed.

Final Thoughts

If your Google Forms are not working, there may be a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. Trying the following steps should fix most issues:

1. Check that your form is connected to the correct Google account. This can be done by opening Google Forms and clicking on theAccounts button at the top left corner of the screen. Underneath your account name, you will see a link that says Connect to Account. If this is not present, please enter your email address in the corresponding field and click on Connect.

2. Make sure your internet connection is up and running. If you are using an older form or if you are using a form hosted on a domain other then, it may need access to the internet to work properly.

3. Try logging out and then back into your Google account. This can sometimes reset some of the cookies used by Forms.

4. Try installing the latest version of Google Forms from . Older versions of Forms may not have all of the features needed for it to

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