Google enhances Workspace apps for Android’s larger screens

The arrival of COVID-19 led to the rise of remote working. Now, whether you are working from home or from your office, Google is bringing ways that can help you save time and be even more productive with the Google Workspace updates for larger screens of your android devices. The Workspace apps getting the latest features to make online work easier include Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep.

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Google enhances Workspace apps for Android's larger screens 4

To enhance your productivity, you will now be able to drag text or images from apps like Chrome, or Sheets and drop the data into an existing document or spreadsheet cell, allowing you to multitask across two windows simultaneously. To efficiently upload your files in Google Drive, you can also drag and drop them into the app.

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Google enhances Workspace apps for Android's larger screens 5

The latest updates also enable you to add links to Drive files by dragging the file into an open app such as Keep, or Gmail. Furthermore, you can insert images saved in your Keep notes into other apps by dragging them out from the image carousel.

With these updates, you can also open two Drive windows side-by-side to extract the information you require without shifting between different windows. Moreover, if you are using an attached keyboard, you can use keyboard shortcuts including select, copy, cut, paste, undo, and redo to navigate around Drive, Docs, and Slides.

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Google enhances Workspace apps for Android's larger screens 6

Currently, we do not know when precisely the large screens of your Androids with Google Workspace and personal Google Accounts will get these updates, but the tech giant says it will happen over the next few weeks.

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