Eevernote Launches Beta Integration With Google Drive

More than half of Evernote users have Google accounts, and their wait for integration between the two products is finally over. Evernote announced today that Google Drive users can access their files in Evernote, adding many types of files in Drive to an Evernote notebook.

A familiar Google Drive icon now lives in the Evernote toolbar. While you’re working on a note, you can click it to bring up a list of all your files in Drive, and add the ones you want to your note. Once you do, the files will display previews of their content, rather than just filenames. So if you’re adding a JPEG, it will automatically expand to a thumbnail beneath the other content you’ve added in Evernote.

Google Drive files are searchable in Evernote, too, via their filenames. A search for “English essay” will bring up your note with that title as well as the Google Docs file with the essay prompts your professor emailed you, for example. To get a better understanding of how it works, check out the video below.

Evernote is calling this a beta integration, and it’s currently available for users on the Chrome web browser and Android app. The company says other platforms will follow soon.

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