Attach Google Drive, Dropbox, GIF Files to Yahoo Mail

The company might be on the auction block, but it’s still working to improve its various core properties, and it has announced a few new tweaks to its Yahoo Mail app.

The updates are designed to ease the process of attaching Google Drive and Dropbox files, as well as GIFs from Tumblr, to outgoing emails (for all those times you just need to send someone an animation of a cat eating a slice of cake).

The tweaks are only for Yahoo’s Mail app, not for the browser-based version of Yahoo Mail, and they’re pretty simple to use. To insert a GIF, tap the little plus icon in the lower-right corner when you’re composing a message. In the screen that follows, the last option on the right is a new GIF. Tap it, and you’ll get a quick display of some popular Tumblr GIFs. If you don’t like any of them, or are looking for one in particular, you can search for it, or sort through GIFs from a variety of provided categories.

Slightly more useful, support for Google Drive and Dropbox makes it a lot easier to pull in files from either service and drop them into a message.

“The first time you tap on the cloud icon in compose, you’ll be asked to connect to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. With instant access to all of your files in the cloud, you’ll now be able to browse through recent files or search for a specific file directly from your email. We’ll surface items based on title or file contents to help you find what you’re looking for before you hit send,” reads Yahoo’s description.

Other tweaks coming to the app include a new way to preview attachments before downloading them to your device. You can also delete drafts immediately if you decide to not send whatever it is you were working on. And Android users get some new home screen widgets that tell them a bit more about their inbox on the fly.

To access these updates, you’ll have to be running version 4.3 oniOS or 5.4 on Android. As of this article’s writing, only the Android version has been updated—the iOS update should be rolling out later today, Yahoo says.

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