Google Drive Tutorial for Spreadsheets

One of the most popular features of Google Drive is the ability to create and edit spreadsheets. If you have never used it before, see these tips from Julie Merschner on how you can use Google Sheets effectively. You will use the Table of Contents feature in Google Docs to create a table of contents for your book.

Cloud hosting is provided by Google Drive. If you prefer, you can sign up with other more high-end hosting companies like Dropbox and OneDrive, but I recommend that if you are a beginner, stick with using Google Drive as your cloud storage. Everything is easy enough to follow. If you ever need assistance, there is a very active Google Community where people share tutorials


Google drive is a cloud storage application offered by Google. Millions of people use it to store their photos and documents. It’s a great way to backup your originals. Google Drive provides you unlimited space for all of your personal and business files; which while unlimited can be all fun once you run out of space, which leads to an insufficient storage option. Online storage offer encrypted file services that cannot be accessed without a provided specific password. It supports Android, Windows and Mac but is limited mostly to Personal computers.If there are a lot of documents on Google Drive then it can become cumbersome trying to open them at

Work Tab

Another intuitive tab that is available on Google Drive is a “Work Tab.” This gives the user the ability to create and edit a spreadsheet while they are working in another. There are also three related panels along the bottom of the screen that allow you to access things such as your email and calendar events while in this window. What’s nice about this feature is that this tab is like a convenient workspace, without losing collaborative social media tools.


One of the most unique features provided for Google Drive users is filter buttons. These functions may seem complicated and highly specific but they vary from user to user. Filters allow a user to quickly find some or all of an address, email, or text based on keywords. They may also type in new ideas that don’t exist yet on their own column. The filter function allows users to search within their columns for specific information.

Simply drag any column over to the disclosure bar (vertical bar to the far right with two lines at the top and bottom) and select a filter. You will notice a single plus (+) button along the top of this bar. Simply click on this button and a box will come up where you have multiple choices. My particular configuration is more advanced as I have many columns that are filtered. There are names, email

Data Import/Export

Some people create a spreadsheet in Google Drive and then choose not to fill it out because they don’t know how. They assign buy or sell price names to the cells that represent calculations, but this can make balancing their spreadsheet much harder. Data imports/exports allow you to transfer the numbers from one spreadsheet into another spreadsheet. In spreadsheets, this would allow them to easily change the cell formulas so that they balance out and move on with their plan. In reality, they could also use a data master spreadsheet to upload and download numbers from multiple spreadsheets. They could have one spreadsheet that acts as their template with buy/sell price information mapped to the underlying commodities, and another spreadsheet that holds the underlying commodities. Leverage the power of spreadsheets for your trading

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In the spreadsheet, every point has its own color, which is done automatically as soon as you type it in. This is to make it easier for you to draw conclusions about your plotting on the spreadsheet. Not only does this make it easy to understand what data is placed where in your spreadsheets, but you will be able to see from the raw data that coded fields allow you to readily see trends and information

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