Google Drive: Inconceivable Secrets

After all, it’s a public repository. Fortunately for people who work at companies that have strict privacy policies and do not want their documents to be shared publicly, Google has now come out with a way to take extra measures. You can hide your files from the public and even remove them completely to completely stop them from being indexed by Google. The option for hiding away your documents no longer requires that you change of the document type. File format-hiding is also possible.

What’s more, you can control what happens to your files in a number of other ways that are based on changes to Google’s new privacy policies, including per-file expiry dates or not allowing all users (even those in

Did you know that Google has access to your Drive files?

One of the many things that Google can access from our accounts is what seems like a very personal file- one meant to be used by our closest friends and family members. Your YT channel. I know there are lots of Youtubers that have very personal channels and only share with close friends and family. I personally love when people share what makes them happy every single day, but others may not want others to see their creation. Google offers an option for us however to be more private about what we have out there in public or through Google Drive files:

Personal View > Media Library > Organize by Channel

I personally chose the ‘Download More

Are they able to see what’s in your files?

But the fact that this is 2017 and Google Drive even has the ability to access your files easily gives you reason to pause. It’s a ghost in the machine, so to speak. The large corporation might always have your best interests at heart and hopefully never use their capabilities for malevolent purposes, but it does create a new kind of threat. Sharing data over a cloud service can create an opportunity for someone to profit from your private life, and this is something more commonly seen in the age of email hacking. Usually there’s no way to limit another hacker’s access, regardless of how many times you sign into a certain account.

At least they have yet to seriously investigate Mr. Cuddy, so maybe we’ll survive the blowback from dropping all that information in their hands without any contract restrictions (sadly I don’t think we can survive watching the episode, to be honest).

When is it okay to share a link on my Google Drive?

All you have to do to share a link on Google Drive is press Del. This will take you to settings where you must go through various prompts such as who, what, and where. Afterwards, a prompt will appear asking if you have received the information. You may answer “Yes.” That is all there is too it! true

What can I do if I share a link on my Google Drive?

Google Drive is the one stop shop for the entire world. This online document and data hosting service by Google has apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows computer, Chrome OS, BlackBerry OS and WebOS. You can also share files through Google+ with your circles which makes it super easy to know what you are sharing and who has access to it! Saving files to Google Drive during a group meeting transforms your Google Doc into a team work, collaboration and sharing tool.


I was about to end my search for some more answers on Google Drive when I saw a piece of blue text on the top of the screen that read “a shortcut URL: swipe from left edge to open.” Before I had a chance to do anything, an expanding red box began obstructing my view and an even louder voice said “sign in or create new account info, or

I’m going to be forced to take this thing offline.” I didn’t want this panel chickened out me, so I followed all three failed solutions as they appeared. But, no luck-the ‘disruptive’ nature of how the app hurriedly emailed me those paltry three links rarely leads to any positive results. Sometimes there are weird-ass scams running around these days…

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