Google Drive adds support for multi-text selection and file copy/paste shortcut

Google drive has finally added support for two basic features, features it arguably should have had from the beginning.

The first major addition is multi-text selection, much like Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, unlike Word, Google Drive requires a total of four keyboard shortcuts to select multiple sections of text. Those shortcuts are:

– Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left/Right arrow on Windows
– Ctrl + Cmd+ Shift + Left/Right arrow on Mac

The second upgrade Google Drive received was a shortcut to copy and paste files. Fortunately, Google stuck with a much simpler, more familiar combination:

– Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, and Ctrl + V on Windows
– Cmd + C, Cmd + X, and Cmd + V on Mac

These new upgrades are relatively minor, but go a long way toward closing the gap with Word, and provide a solid quality-of-life upgrade.

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