Google Docs making it easier to customize and edit tables

While Google Workspace offers Sheets, people still use Docs to create inline tables. Google is now letting you better create and customize tables in the Docs web app with a handful of upgrades.

These “several new ways to customize tables” in Google Docs starts with a new sidebar to manage a table’s properties. Similar to one for image editing, you can adjust Row, Column, and Alignment, while edits are “reflected in your document in real time.”

When working in the document, Google Docs makes heavy use of overlays that reveal on hover — like an “intuitive button for creating new rows or columns” — to:

Pin a table header row to repeat on each page 

You can pin one or more rows in a table so they repeat on each page that the table appears on. This will make it easier to see column headers for long tables as you navigate a document. 

Designate that a row should not be split across pages 

You can designate that a table row should not be split across a page break. This ensures important content in tables sticks together and isn’t missed on the next page, and provides more control over formatting and layouts. 

Sorting tables to better organize data. 

It is now possible to sort the rows of your tables. Any pinned table headers will remain at the top of your table. Additionally, sorting table rows will group by type of content. This will help you to quickly visualize, understand, and organize your data better. 

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Google Docs making it easier to customize and edit tables 2

These customization improvements to tables in Google Docs are rolling out now for both personal and enterprise customers. They will be fully available in the coming weeks. 

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