Google Docs Desktop Version Now Available for iPad

While you’re waiting for that new iPad, why not get some work done? With its latest Google Docs trick, there’s no excuse not to be productive on the go.

Last month, Google added new editing capabilities to Google Docs, enabling writers and number crunchers to enjoy the storage, live editing, and collaborative functionality of spreadsheets and documents from their iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device. Until then, mobile workhorses had to wait until they were stabled at the office or use Apple’s iWork suite, at the cost of cloud storage and live collaboration. Google’s update to Google Docs enabled users to edit existing files and create new documents and spreadsheets from the convenience of their mobile device.

This week, however, Google expanded the full desktop version of Google Docs to the iPad.

If you want to make style edits, be it centering a paragraph or sprucing up that Times New Roman, you can do it by opening the desktop version of the document editor. Or perhaps you’re working in a spreadsheet and you want to insert a new formula that magically balances the budget: crack open that desktop version to insert the formula. Once you’ve found the right font or added that magic formula, you can swoop back to the mobile version better suited to that iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Android phone.

Expect more enhancements and tips to come as Google continues to add features. It’s certainly not as scintillating as a new iPad, but it might help you get that promotion so that you can afford it when it arrives.

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