Google Docs now gives you ultimate control over your text

Students the world over rely on Google Docs for quick and easy text editing that is constantly saved to the cloud. 

But the comapny isn’t standing still, and has announced a new Google Docs update that gives users the ability to select multiple pieces of text from different places at once. 

“In Google Docs, you can now make multiple text selections at once, and apply actions such as delete, copy, paste, or format to all selections,” the company says. “This will make formatting and editing documents faster by eliminating the need to make repetitive changes, increasing your overall productivity.”

Moving quickly through a document and bolding things, as the above example shows, without having to laboriously select each line of text is a game changer. 

Microsoft Word already has a similar feature – when you hold down CMD or CTRL and select the text – but it’s good to see Google now bring something similar to Docs with minimal fuss. 

A battle for the workplace

While Microsoft has the deep relationships with companies, Google has been updating its Google Workspace suite regularly with important updates.

In some ways, Workspace is the best positioned going into the future as Google’s services are free, which means that a whole generation of students have used them religiously for years. 

Sadly, it isn’t often employees that get to pick their own tools – and it’s not like Word and company are niche – but it’s something for Google to take comfort in. 

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