Google delays when legacy G Suite users have to start paying, no-cost waiting list coming

Google announced in January that “G Suite legacy free edition” accounts would have to start paying for Workspace this year, but that’s now being slightly delayed. Meanwhile, those opting for the no-cost option will soon have to join a waiting list to avoid payments.

Originally, legacy Google Apps users were told that they have until May 1 to select a new paid Workspace plan. They would be automatically upgraded if they didn’t, though billing would not start until July 1. At that point, “your Google Workspace subscription will be suspended until you set up billing.”

Those dates, according to an updated support document (h/t Ron Amadeo), have now been slightly delayed to June 1 (for selection/auto-upgrade) and August 1 (first payment).

Following the original announcement, Google said it would offer a “no-cost” transfer option that – presumably – moves users to a free Gmail address. They’ll lose their custom domain and multi-user management, but get:

services such as Google Drive and Google Meet, and additional Google services such as Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube. You will also retain access to paid content such as movies purchased in the Google Play Store.

People that decide to take that option have to join an upcoming waiting list in the Google Admin console before June 1 so that their “account is not automatically upgraded to Google Workspace.” That list will appear in the coming weeks.

Those on the waiting list will remain on the G Suite legacy free edition until the no-cost option is available. Once the no-cost option is available, we’ll be in touch with more details on what will happen to your account. You will have 60 days to evaluate the no-cost option or choose Google Workspace before any changes are made to your account.

Users that have already upgraded to Workspace “can contact support to be added to the waiting list.”

Meanwhile, there’s a bit of a discrepancy about what the “account suspension” process looks like. It’s not clear what access end users that take no action will have after August 1.

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