Slack can now sync your status with Google Calendar

Slack is one of the most popular ways to communicate in business, and now the Google Calendar app for Slack is getting a welcome update. Google calendar can now adjust your Slack status automatically.

Slack put out a big roundup of updates to its platform that includes better search capabilities, longer channel names, improvements to calls, and more. One of the most interesting changes, though, was to the Google Calendar app for Slack that can now integrate with your status.

If you have an event on your Google Calendar, the Slack app can use that information to adjust your status and make your coworkers aware of your availability. Slack’s status feature has been around for a while at this point, but I’ve noticed that it’s often adjusted and then forgotten, leaving a meeting or vacation status on a user’s profile longer than intended.

The Google Calendar App has a helpful new capability. You can now automatically sync your Slack status with your calendar, allowing teammates to see your availability

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Slack can now sync your status with Google Calendar 2

Google Calendar’s Slack app can also integrate with event invitations, send notifications about upcoming events, and bring calls from Hangouts Meet or Zoom into Slack for easy access. The app is, of course, free to install

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