Facebook’s Data Transfer Tool Adds Photobucket, Google Calendar Support

Facebook has today updated its Transfer Your Information (TYI) tool to make the transfer of data off the social network easier, while introducing support for two new services and one new type of data.

The TYI tool exists to get a copy of your data off Facebook, be that your photos and videos or notes and posts stored on the service. There’s already support for Google Docs, Google Photos, Blogger, WordPress, Koofr,

, and Backblaze, but the list has now grown to include Google Calendar and Photobucket.

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Facebook's Data Transfer Tool Adds Photobucket, Google Calendar Support 2

The addition of Photobucket means there’s a new destination for your photos and videos, but Goolge Calendar has been added specifically to support the transfer of events data for the first time. That way you can continue to track which events are happening and set notifications for them in Calendar without needing to manually enter them all first.

Facebook is also touting a “completely rebuilt experience,” which was implemented to make it easier to see the available destinations and specifically which types of data can be transferred to them. It’s also easier to retry transfers, start multiple transfers simultaneously to the same destination, and there’s new filters to make it easier to “precisely select” the data you want to transfer.

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