6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Relationship With Google Calendar

Google Calendar has become a part of our daily lives, as we use it for everything from scheduling events to keeping a running list of how long we have to go between appointments in order to contact suppliers or family members. However, if you’re using Google Calendar on your device using the Windows 11/10 platform, the app can create problems by opening different programs instead of writing down an event’s details. This can be confusing, distracting and frustrating! The solution is to use the browser version of Google Calendar by visiting https://www.google.com/calendar/. You can either select ‘Get It’ on the main page, or click ‘Add’ and complete the necessary information. At first glance you won’t see as many results as compared to a desktop computer’s account, but this could be because that desktop version has over 300 entries which needs to be synced with your device (which makes it bigger). If you

What a Google Calendar can help you do

Google Calendar has been an invaluable tool. It can be used as a planning tool, scheduling stress reliever, and reminder system all in one! Users even have the option to link it with their E-mail accounts which makes creating and entering events almost like having some magic ingredient that saves your brain cells. But how are you using it? Do you set detailed reminders on the calendar or simply list vague activities such as “be at work at 10am?” If you are not taking full advantage of calendar features then you might not be maximizing its potential. Here are five things you can do to take advantage of functionality:

1.Search Calendar by Date

If you have used your calendar from time to time you know the drill, you create a new event, a past due item comes in, or maybe its a suggestion from a good friend with great ideas! Well when it comes to searching through your Google Calendar you can use basic [AND MUCH MORE] keywords such as: upcoming events, next week (upcoming), invoice info (past

Why using Google Calendar on Windows 10 is easier

Google Calendar has made staying organized easy for years. It offers a focus on taking care of yourself and your relationships. This is why using Google Calendar on Windows 10 offers many ways to easily sabotage the relationship. Large font sizes make it difficult to read the schedule. The lack of use wearables or devices besides a desktop computer turn the app into mostly useless information at times. Google Calendar on Windows 10 is not perfect, but it is however better than most other options. One of the biggest factors that makes using Google Calendar a problem are the default categories. Windows does not support the bulk star rating of Chatter or Bloom grouping notifications into classes for ease of use. Microsoft put a limit that assumes any change in color or layout is a pop up window. This limits some functions of Android users who do not have the resources available to view channels from their phone app on small screen

Achieving a Killer Final Product with this two step process

As busy as we are nowadays, often times it’s difficult to be fully present in our lives. Add the trend of multitasking, swap out with the ease that comes from technology and you have the perfect storm for a missed opportunity. It is possible to do two things at once but it will not be as effective as if you focused exclusively on one task. So how can this shift happen? You are about to learn that now more than ever you need a process to follow, a tool by your side and a system to keep you on track with your goals. Take it from the world’s top sales people and get your plan improved today.

Tips to Help Prevent Things From Falling Through the Cracks

Having everything important scheduled out on Google Calendar is an amazing organizing tool, but it can be counterproductive if you don’t make sure that you actually follow all the steps to submitt events. Scheduling too many events in one week or forgetting a few important details could leave your entire week in shambles. Here are six tips that will help prevent things from going wrong: 1. Make sure you have all of your important events scheduled before Friday afternoon, to make sure everything that is supposed to happen on Monday and beyond will actually happen.

2. Create a separate calendar for online sales, if possible. If your business relies primarily on email and social media marketing, it may not be possible to create a separate calendar solely dedicated to the online sales efforts, but you can certainly dedicate one (or however many days it takes) in your calendar as “online

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