Google Calendar Support Means The Fi Maps Material is Coming to Android

Google recently just released a brand new update for its Calendar App that allowed Google Calendar support, a feature that had been available on desktop versions of the app. With this update, it only made sense that Google also update their Material guidelines with this new feature. This change is only just starting to have an impact in Android world; Phone calls and Texts are because of their compatibility to the Material guidelines whereas navigation and shopping are still on track for 2019 if not 2018.

Google Calendar and The Fi Maps

Google Maps has just announced that they will release an app designed to be used by any Android device. The app, known as The Fi Maps, will allow users to tap on areas of interest and view curations from Facebook, Instagram, Streetside Stories, OpenStreetMap, and other sources in their area. This is the first official hardware release for the product. It will also mark a timeline for devices based on Android Nougat that support remote calendar syncing.

Google News Features

The Firefox OS is transitioning into a company called Holzgartner. The company announced that their latest project is called Fi Maps. Fi Maps are major updates on the current GPS mapping app by Mozilla. Other changes include security and privacy as well as Google Calendar support.

Google News is also integrated in Facebook so media outlets can more easily share news to their own audience. The screenshot below shows how Google News is incorporated in Facebook.I do find it interesting for Mozilla to keep going with their own user data and products like Jetpack. It does show that a lot of people would use Firefox over Chrome (with all the cool features including Chromium’s built-in security and SSL certificates) if it did not come from Google!

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This browser rivals Chrome in every category, based on its features and interface performance. Those features include:

Solving Your Disconnect Issue with ToGo

ToGo is a feature of Google Fi that will eliminate the need for people to remember where they parked. With the ToGo app, users have the ability to share their commute time and place with nearby friends. This eliminates the issue of people driving around all day trying to recover a lost parking space because someone bought expired tickets for a spot in the same garage as them. Loyalty: One of the biggest questions we get from customers is about loyalty programs. For example, T-Mobile gives their customers inclusive data for up to 25 percent of their plan, plus unlimited talk and text at an incredible price! So any time people are looking at cutting the cord with carriers that have enormous data plans, they’re doing so without considering how they’ll handle their family or friends. What happens when they fall in love with a T-Mobile subscription

Tooltips for Better Performance

Google Maps for Android was updated to include support for layers. The update is already released, so map-makers on Android can add a layer to their map with text and images they found. For example, if typing in address in Google Maps is frustrating, users can now use a pattern match search to find it by street name. Highlights from the Android Developer Snapshot. An app maker who’s fast and reliable is more valuable than an author with great ideas. Google says it values “the tools, tools, tools.” Slow business applications that can’t deliver on time or meet user needs will be prioritized. However, some apps might not live because of competition. The company questions whether teams will refuse to compromise and suggest growth will slow down, saying “it may not make financial sense to invest additional hours in code

Updates to Help You Locate WiFi Networks and More Locations

In an article written on Google’s site, it was announced that WiFi hotspots would be added to the Fi Maps app. They also mentioned a few new features; features like driving mode and smart destination suggestions. These are some of the updates Google has decided to help Android users with in order to make them more efficient with the new material design for their app. WiFi Locations Google Fi has announced that their Fi Maps app would be getting many new features. Shown in the image above, you can see every Wi-Fi hotspot on a screen at one time. You can select the Amenity category as you pick a location, or another option would be to search for something by name. The locations help you receive important notification alerts when something new is being broadcasted nearby, such as updates to free or paid service, or an advertisement immediately after

User Experience Improvements for Voice Actions, People Cards, Scheduled Emails

Google is bringing its digital assistant service, Fi, to Android users. With the new support for Google Calendar, Now on Tap provides more accurate answers that are curated from cards from relevant apps. When searching your calendar, it will show the Meetup event with those keywords. For example, a “frisbee” card would pop up for a search about Frisbees. Here’s how the new voice search works:

Once you have enabled calendar support on your Android phone or tablet, calendar events appear as cards similar to those in Google Now. (Image: Shelly Banjo/Mashable)

Today, you can use the “Ok Google” trigger to open the app card with its interactive suggestions and related contextual information if it’s relevant. Movies, artist albums and upcoming TV shows will certainly be properly listed in these cards. Originally introduced by the

Increasing Our Betas So We Can Get Feedback From You

For the last few months we’ve been busy creating new material in preparation for Google Calendar support. There is a lot more artwork to be added, features to be created, and animations to be made. The month changes that get up there with dark colors are the very first thing that will roll out, with the others coming soon after. It is our hope that this release marks the beginning of better user experience and quality control. Here is a progression chart of the content to be degraded in the upcoming release: Today’s Release

New icon and white background images will reduce appearances of calendar items that aren’t from Google products, e.g.: multiple ticketed airport and railway connections, just one non-Google boarding pass, lots and lots more! Scope for this release is limited to upcoming releases of Google Calendar until a more permanent solution is developed. Timeline for this release:

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