Google Calendar Gets A Pivotal Update With Google Now Messaging And Widgets Finally Come Along For The Ride

Google Calendar Updates allow users of the calendaring tool to use call, memo, and other features in a functional manner on their device through a seamless interface. Features like this and additional app integrations allow for users to access Google within elements of their calendar making for one seamless application.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendaring applications in use. Google announced today that its newest update has given it a new home on your desktop with a revamped user interface, and easier interaction with weather and flight information. The service also takes navigation to a new level as well, giving users more details as they’re driving or walking.

Interview with John Ding, Director of Product Management de Google Calendar

December 18, 2016 was a pivotal day not only for Google Calendar but also for Google Messenger. For the first time, it would be possible to send group text messages to each other through Google Calendar which fills the gap of not being able to send group texts within regular conversations in the Messenger app like with SMS. While this update is quite pervasive, the secondary feature that has made my college friends so thrilled this past week is the ability for a calendar event to include a social share icon beside an event if you want people you’re about to invite to share it with their friends or followers on any platform – namely Twitter or Instagram. So now you can use your square as well as your voice whether you’re in your car, working at home, or waiting for your favorite pie at school!

Willingness to ditch its native widgets in favor of capturrng the main

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Google Calendar Getting Major Update With Stock Android Messaging App And Google Now, Widgets Hurray

point of this team, an effort to grow and marry the two products

Google Calendar received a lot of changes in this latest update, but one that stands out is the ability to include Google Now messages in your calendar. It will scroll through weather conditions and other pertinent information from your Google Now when you open up the app. This comes just in time for the blend of Google Calendar and Google Now. You will now be able to use widgets on your calendar.

entities into a single experience

Google Calendar has gotten an update that makes it easier to use and interact with. Now, users can find emails for appointments especially when they’re trying to check on their calendar at a point in time. Widgets may be coming soon as well to help people visualize their future events.

Crowding out historical events

Google Now is finally available on Google Calendar. Previously, you had to manually create events by typing in the name of specific days on your calendar or use Google’s calendar if it was imported into your device. You now have access to send and receive text messages that turn event invitations into announcements. This feature allows complicated events, like birthday celebrations, dinner plans, etc., to be sent as a public message to everyone who wants to know the details while not letting them clutter up your day with multiple notifications. iPhone and Android users both now have faster switching between their Facebook profiles and calendars with this new update.

Motivating event location suggestions via Google Now messaging

With the advancement in technology, everyday needs change. It’s easy to write bigger and better apps with new functions and extras that excite us. The biggest part of these benefits are having one-click access to all products available on a particular day or time. For example, I can right click on my Google calendar and get specific event location suggestions like hospitals, prisons or transportation hubs during a weather emergency, based on the words in my text messages or voice mail.

Missing advanced event notification for some functionalities on iOS and Android

Google decided to give a new pivotal update for its popular desktop calendar. These changes came along with the unveiling of Google Now Messaging, which is a feature on both Android and iPhones. With this feature, users now can get notifications for any important events that are on their calendar without leaving their apps

This morning marks a historically significant update for Google Calendar with the launch of the hotly-anticipated Google Now messaging platform and new widgets on their mobile interface. The redesign provides cool shortcuts and expanded functionality, such as how to see your events at a glance so you don’t have to add them one by one or search through old copy for any specific details.

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